Worst Synastry Aspects: Red Flags and When to Run

Have you ever found yourself in a toxic relationship? Astrology can help you avoid this. Synastry (relationship astrology) is a helpful instrument that assesses the strength of a connection by comparing two astrological charts (yours and your partner's). Below, you will explore the worst synastry aspects to be aware of possible challenges.

By Eugenia Stern

Published: Jun 27, 2023

Remember that context is key when analyzing your synastry. Just one aspect won't harm a relationship. The outcome of your relationship depends on how mature you are. 

Worst Synastry Aspects

Worst Synastry Aspects
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If both partners are really committed to growing together, their synastry chart can be a helpful guide, even if there are some negative aspects in your charts. Some difficult aspects can even STRENGTHEN your relationship!

It's also crucial to consider other important factors, such as Zodiac signs — they can affect how the planetary energies manifest. 

Worst Aspects in Synastry: Venus Square Saturn

Venus is a crucial planet for romance because it represents love. But Saturn has different vibes, and when it forms a square aspect with Venus, it can be one of the most negative synastry aspects, making the Venus person feel betrayed and abandoned. 

 This relationship just can't thrive because Saturn destroys the energies that Venus desperately needs. Saturn is a difficult planet; its cruel vibes are not even visible initially but become more conspicuous over time.

 Saturn restricts Venus' expression of love, transforming its joyful nature into a much darker one. 

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Moon in Conflict with Saturn: Worst Synastry Aspects

Worst Synastry Aspects
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The Moon is very important as it represents feelings and needs. However, the Moon and Saturn aspects are among the most painful ones.

When the Moon squares Saturn, the person with the Moon in their chart yearns for affection but feels neglected instead. This causes them to create a distance between themselves and their partner, who may actually be unaware of what is happening! 

Worst Synastry Aspects in Astrology: Mercury Square Mars

This aspect is known for being chaotic and fiery, making it one of the most difficult ones. It often leads to conflict and arguments because the way the person with Mercury in their chart communicates frustrates the Mars person, even if the Mercury individual doesn’t want this. 

This aspect causes aggressive behavior and constant arguing. Even though positive aspects in the synastry chart can bring harmony, the Mercury-Mars square is still an EXTREMELY hard aspect. It's important to take the planet of war’s competitive nature into account because this aspect may lead to unnecessary competitiveness in the relationship, which can often cause harm.

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Mars in Conflict With Pluto: Challeging Synastry Aspects 

Worst Synastry Aspects
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Both Mars and Pluto can be malicious. Pluto is A LOT stronger than Mars, which makes it cold and unforgiving. It's important to understand whether you and your significant other possess the maturity to deal with this aspect.

This aspect typically brings competitiveness to your relationship, which can make you act… unusually. It can trigger jealousy and toxicity. This can affect you deeply and make some hidden problems very visible. At its worst, this aspect may indicate verbal or even physical violence. 

Hard Mercury-Mercury Aspects

Mercury is an important planet in relationship astrology because it influences how you communicate, how you think, and even what you find funny. All these things are crucial because misunderstandings can easily ruin your connection in the long run. 

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If other planets are positive, this aspect can make your connection fun and help you learn something new and valuable from each other. The double Mercury aspects are not the most toxic ones, but they absolutely can make it harder for your relationship to be successful. The square, semi-square, and quincunx are some of the Mercury conflicts that can cause frustration. 

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Mars and Saturn in Synastry 

Worst Synastry Aspects
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These planets can create the most toxic aspects of astrology. They have very different vibes: Mars is fiery and chaotic, while Saturn is frosty and even hostile. And when they’re in conflict, it can lead to drama and lots of arguing, as both you and your partner have different goals. Aspects like these should be avoided (if possible) because they can cause you a lot of pain. The square, in particular, is chaotic and extremely painful, making it one of astrology's most toxic synastry aspects.

Mars Square Mars: Synastry Red Flag 

This is probably one of the most difficult-to-handle synastry aspects in relationship astrology because of how aggressive and fiery Mars can be. If there's a disagreement between your Mars and your significant other's Mars in your charts, it's VERY serious. This aspect can lead to drama, quarrels, and even violence in some extreme cases. If Mars is square to your partner's ascendant, it suggests that your connection might have similar vibes.

Sun in the Worst Synastry Aspects: Ego Clashes 

Worst Synastry Aspects
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The Sun's role in relationship astrology is super important because it represents your self, inner world, personality, and entire identity. Basically, it defines who you are. So, what can you expect when there's a disagreement between your Sun and your significant other's Sun? 

Sun aspects might not seem as hostile as the previous ones in this article, but the Sun square Sun can still create a lot of difficulties and even toxicity in your relationship. This may mean that you and your significant other view yourselves (and your connection) from different points of view, and this may create misunderstandings between you and your loved one.

Such disagreements can become even more apparent later on once the initial positive emotions disappear. You might start to understand that there are very important contrasts between you and your significant other.

Malefic Planets in Aspect to the Sun: Some More Worst Synastry

So, what are malefic planets? They include Mars, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto; these planets can have negative energies. When these celestial bodies are in a problematic aspect to your own planets, they may be considered the most toxic synastry aspects.

Saturn typically has cold vibes. When this celestial body is in a challenging aspect with the Sun, the Sun individual feels like they can't freely show their feelings (or even simply have fun) because the Saturn person won't let them. Of course, this is frustrating for the Sun partner, and unless the Saturn individual understands what they're doing, the other partner may end up leaving this relationship.

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