Why Your Sign Might End Up in Jail

Every sign has a dark side. Let's find out what each sign would do that would land them behind bars.

By Ani

Published: Nov 10, 2021

Each astrological sign has a dark and a light side which is part of the balance of being human. The famous angel and devil sit on all our shoulders, competing for our attention. But what happens when we listen to the wrong one?

Why can you end up in jail, based on your sign?

Left unchecked, the dark side of our sign can take over, leading us down an unsavory path. If you've ever wondered what your sign would be arrested for, keep reading!

Aries – Fighting

If they're not careful, Aries might find themselves in jail over fighting.
source: www.pexels.com

Aries are well known to be the hot-headed sign of the Zodiac, and their fiery temper can most definitely get them into trouble. Aries never look away from a challenge, and they hate to lose. That said, this sign would go to jail for getting into a fistfight. Because they're so impulsive, a fired-up Aries will throw a punch before they think things through. Their competitive nature, physical stamina, and refusal to back down would cause some problems for their opponent and land them in trouble with the law.

Taurus – Tax Evasion

If Taurus gets too greedy, they'll do anything to keep their money.
source: www.pexels.com

Taurus craves security, and they love having a nice fat bank account. They work hard to earn their cash, so why would they give it away? This sign would go to jail for tax evasion. Unchecked, Taurus' need to always have more than enough money might cause them to act greedily, and they'll do all they can to keep what they've earned. So, what could it hurt if they're a little dishonest about some numbers on their tax forms? This is a question they might have to answer from behind bars.

Gemini – Identity Theft

Intelligent Gemini could find new and innovative ways to steal people's identity.
source: www.pexels.com

We all know the stereotype of Gemini being "two-faced." This sign's flexibility, intelligence, and mischievous nature might attract them to the world of Identity Theft. Stealing people's identities is a breeze for this sign. And finding new and innovative ways to do so might prove to be quite entertaining for inquisitive Gemini. They'll easily slip from one person to the next, pretending to be someone they're not, filling their bank account along the way. However, too much confidence and a relaxed nature might be the downfall for Gemini.

Cancer – Crimes of Passion

Crimes of passion could be what sends a cancer to jail.
source: www.pexels.com

Cancers experience deep and sometimes extreme emotions. When they love someone, they love them hard. And when they get upset, some might not know how to control themselves. This leads some Cancers to explode, leading them to commit a crime of passion. If they feel the person they love the most has betrayed them in any way, there's no telling what they'll do. These crimes tend to be dramatic and sensational because they're fueled by an intense combination of love and rage.

Leo – Con Artist

Confident Leo would make  an effective con artist.
source: www.pexels.com

Leos are the actors of the Zodiac. They love a good performance and having the spotlight on them. They'll use their charming personality and penchant for drama to be a con artist. With their confidence, spectacular wardrobe, and smooth-talking appeal, a Leo can get anyone to believe anything they want. They'll laugh all the way to the bank, leaving their victims broke and wondering what happened. That's until they get caught, and the curtain closes on their performance.

Virgo – Hacker

Logical and information driven Virgo might go to jail for being a hacker.
source: www.pexels.com

Virgos are extraordinarily smart and logical. They know how to gather important information and use it to their benefit. Thanks to these skills, Virgo would go to jail for being a hacker. Their persistence combined with their problem-solving capabilities would make them unmatched. And thanks to their attention to detail, they'll be able to decipher the ins outs of any system, allowing them to get the job done while covering their tracks. However, even though Virgo likes to move with as much perfection as possible, they're not immune to getting caught and paying for their crimes.

Libra – Counterfeit Goods

Libra has an innate sense of beauty and fashion. They know how to make the most basic items look expensive. Knowing there's a market for affordable "luxury" fashion, this sign would go to jail for selling counterfeit goods. With their finger on the pulse of all the trends, Libra stays up to date with expensive goods that they can duplicate and turn for a profit. To the untrained eye, each piece looks exactly like the real deal! While Cancer commits a crime of passion, Libra commits a crime of fashion. It's a bit less dramatic but a crime nonetheless.

Scorpio – Being a Spy

Sneaky and mysterious Scorpio would make a great spy!

This sign is the master of secrecy and manipulation. They're naturally private and can fly under the radar when necessary. Additionally, Scorpios have a talent for easily gathering information because people love to divulge their deepest darkest secrets to them. Because they're naturally sneaky, Scorpio might go to jail for being an international spy. Their worst nightmare is getting caught in a vulnerable position, so they do their best to cover their tracks. They'll stick to every single detail of their made-up back story to protect themselves. But of course, everyone has a moment of imperfection, and one small mistake might put them in some serious trouble.

Sagittarius – Trespassing

Adventurous and thrill seeking sagittarius might go to jail for trespassing.
source: www.pexels.com

Sagittarius loves an adventure! Anything new and exciting gets their adrenaline pumping and satiates their need to explore. They might go to jail for trespassing and exploring off-limits places. They know they might get caught, but that's part of the thrill! And that's exactly what can happen if Sagittarius gets too comfortable.

Capricorn – Mob boss

Capricorn would work their way to the top of organized crime, becoming a mob boss.
source: www.pexels.com

Is it any wonder Capricorn would go to jail for being a mob boss? This sign knows how to take the lead and persuade people to work for them. They climb their way to the top through hard work, making the best moves like a perfectly played game of chess. And when they finally run the show, they keep everyone in line with an iron fist. If someone doesn't perform their job, Capricorn easily delivers the consequences. They're so prolific that when they're finally brought down, the whole world hears about it.

Aquarius – Protesting

Human rights are important to Aquarius. They might go to jail for protesting.

Aquarius is known for being the philanthropist of the Zodiac. They look at the wrongs of society and work to correct them. Aquarius would be arrested for protesting for a cause. Though not violent, Aquarius isn't above participating when things get out of hand. They want to get their point across to make a change. Whatever it takes to make sure people's voices are heard, they'll do it. So even though Aquarius would be arrested for participating in a protest, they would feel it's worth it.

Pisces – Drug-related crimes

Unfortunately, sensitive Pisces is susceptible to addictive behaviors.
source: www.pexels.com

Pisces is a deep and empathetic sign who often needs to escape reality. If they don't find a healthy means of taking a break from reality, they might find themselves in legal trouble for possession of substances. Addiction can easily take over for this sign, and if they don't get the help they need, it might put them in an unfortunate situation with the law.

Every sign has a positive and negative manifestation. Those who choose the dark side might find themselves in precarious situations that could otherwise be avoided. We all have dark urges. Whether we act on them is a different story. However, if you choose healthy coping mechanisms and make the right decisions, you can avoid the fate of those who end up spending their life behind bars.

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