Where Each Sign Will Meet Their Soulmate, According to the Tarot

Ever wondered where you might bump into your soulmate? According to the tarot, each zodiac sign has its own unique spot for that magical meet-cute. Spoiler alert: It's not always where you'd expect!

Published: Dec 22, 2023


The Tower

Hey, Aries, ever thought your love life might need a bit of action movie flair? Well, get ready, because the Tower tarot card is all about unexpected, dramatic twists — just like your future love story.

Imagine a regular day turned upside down. You're out there, maybe dodging a falling sign or sidestepping a skateboarder gone rogue. It's all in a day's work for you, but then — WHAM! — right in the middle of the chaos, you lock eyes with someone. Yep, that's your soulmate, thrown into your path by the universe's sense of humor.

The two of you are standing amidst the mayhem, hearts racing, and there's an instant connection. It's not the calm, serene meeting you see in movies. It's better — it's electric, unexpected, and totally Aries-style.

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Where Each Sign Will Meet Their Soulmate, According to the Tarot
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The Empress

The Empress tarot card suggests you'll find your soulmate in a place that's as lush and abundant as your personality — think a farmers' market, a garden center, or even a fancy grocery store.

Picture yourself in a serene setting, surrounded by the freshest produce or the most beautiful flowers. You're feeling calm, collected, and in your element. Maybe you're sniffing the roses or contemplating the perfect avocado. That's when you'll meet them. Your soulmate will be there, probably pondering over artisanal cheese or organic herbs.

There's a chance encounter by the tomatoes or a shared laugh over the price of organic kale. It's simple, it's sweet, and it's oh-so-Taurus. You'll bond over your shared love for the finer things in life, like good food and beautiful surroundings.


The Lovers

The Lovers tarot card points to a meet-cute straight out of a rom-com, and where better for this to happen than at a bustling social event? Think book clubs, poetry readings, or even a lively debate at a local café.

Imagine being engrossed in a heated discussion or laughing at a clever quip when you suddenly catch the eye of someone just as intellectually charged as you. Yes, that's your soulmate, engaging in witty banter or nodding passionately to the rhythm of the debate.

The connection? Instantaneous. There's an exchange of ideas, a volley of jokes, and a shared appreciation for the finer points of sarcasm. It's not just small talk; it's the kind of conversation that lights up your entire being.


The Moon

Where Each Sign Will Meet Their Soulmate, According to the Tarot
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Cancerians, your soulmate encounter is going to be as mystical and emotionally rich as your personality. The Moon tarot card hints at a dreamy, almost movie-like meeting, perhaps in a setting that's close to water – a beach under the moonlight, a cozy lakeside campfire, or even during a spontaneous rainy walk.

Imagine you're lost in thought, admiring the moon's reflection on the water or listening to the soothing sound of rain, when you sense someone's presence. That's them – your soulmate, sharing this serene, introspective moment with you.

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The Sun

Leos, your soulmate story is going to be as bright and radiant as you are. The Sun tarot card signals a meeting that's as warm and vibrant as a summer's day. Think bustling summer festivals, lively beach parties, or even a glamorous rooftop event.

Picture yourself basking in the sunlight, laughing, dancing, or just being your fabulous self, when you catch someone's eye. That's right, there's your soulmate, equally captivated by the joy and energy of the moment.


The Hermit

Where Each Sign Will Meet Their Soulmate, According to the Tarot
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Virgos, your soulmate encounter is set to be as thoughtful and meaningful as your personality. The Hermit tarot card suggests you'll find your special someone in a quiet and introspective setting. Picture a cozy bookstore, a peaceful art gallery, or even during a solitary nature hike.

Imagine yourself engrossed in a book or admiring a piece of art, enjoying the calm and collected environment. That's when they'll appear – your soulmate, perhaps reaching for the same book or contemplating the same painting.



Libras, get ready for a soulmate encounter that's as balanced and harmonious as you are. The Justice tarot card points to a meeting in a setting that's all about fairness and equality. Think a volunteer event, a community fundraiser, or even jury duty (yes, really!).

Imagine yourself fully engaged in an activity that aligns with your values of fairness and harmony. You're doing your bit to make the world a little better, and then, there they are – your soulmate, equally passionate about making a difference.

Your first interaction might be over a shared task, exchanging views on the cause at hand, or even a light-hearted debate about the best way to organize a charity event. It's meaningful, it's engaging, and it's so very Libra.



Where Each Sign Will Meet Their Soulmate, According to the Tarot
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Scorpios, your soulmate story is set to be as intense and transformative as your personality. The Death tarot card, don't worry, it's not as grim as it sounds! It symbolizes a meeting in a place of change and rebirth. Maybe it's a fitness boot camp, a meditation retreat, or even while getting a dramatic new hairstyle.

Picture this: You're in the midst of embracing a big change, maybe sweating it out at a boot camp or sitting zen-like at a retreat. That's when you spot them – your soulmate, also in the throes of their own transformation.

Your first interaction is deep and meaningful, perhaps a shared joke about the instructor's tough love or a conversation about personal growth. It's intense, it's meaningful, and it's unmistakably Scorpio.

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The Fool

Sagittarians, your soulmate encounter is going to be as spontaneous and adventurous as you are. The Fool tarot card indicates a meeting in a setting that's all about new beginnings and leaps of faith. Think a backpacking trip abroad, a spontaneous road trip, or even while trying an exotic new cuisine at a local food festival.

Picture yourself fully immersed in a new experience, maybe navigating a foreign city's streets or laughing at your own daring to try that weird-looking street food. That's when you'll bump into them – your soulmate, just as thrilled and open to life's unexpected turns as you.

Your first conversation is an exciting exchange of travel tales or food adventures. It's lively, it's adventurous, and it's so very Sagittarius. You both find joy in the unfamiliar and the thrill of not knowing what's next.


The Devil

Where Each Sign Will Meet Their Soulmate, According to the Tarot
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Capricorns, prepare for a soulmate encounter that's as unexpected and revealing as your complex personality. The Devil tarot card suggests a meeting in a place that's a bit mischievous or indulgent. Perhaps at a high-end networking event, an exclusive members-only club, or even in the midst of a competitive work project.

Imagine you're in your element, maybe showcasing your skills at a professional gathering or strategizing on a big project. That's when they make their entrance – your soulmate, equally ambitious and perhaps a tad devilish in charm.


The Star

Aquarians, get ready for a soulmate encounter as unique and visionary as you are. The Star tarot card indicates you'll find your special someone in a setting that's inspirational and a little unconventional. Think an avant-garde art exhibit, a quirky technology fair, or during a volunteer event for a futuristic cause.

Envision yourself surrounded by innovation and creativity, maybe marveling at the latest tech gadgetry or getting hands-on with a community project. That's when you'll spot them – your soulmate, sharing your enthusiasm for the new and the next.

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The High Priestess

Where Each Sign Will Meet Their Soulmate, According to the Tarot
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Pisces, your soulmate meeting is set to be as mystical and dreamy as your personality. The High Priestess tarot card suggests a connection in a place filled with mystery and intuition. Think a serene yoga class, a tranquil meditation retreat, or even in the quiet corner of a quaint café.

Picture yourself completely at peace, perhaps lost in a meditative trance or sipping a latte with a far-off look in your eyes. That's when you'll feel it – a presence, your soulmate, drawn to your serene aura in the midst of calm.

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