People often forget that they’re a part of nature and can be healed, supported, inspired, and motivated by its powers. It’s time to learn what plants and herbs give power to you and your zodiac sign! Turn your garden into a place where you can find peace and harmony!
You’re happy to have two planetary rulers instead of one – Mars and Pluto. Just as Pluto, the plants attributed to your sign can be mostly found in distant places, or even underground. Most likely, they will be of red color, have thorns, and grow through adversity. Scorpio is the sign responsible for the reproductive system.

The plants associated with your sign can balance the hormones, help increase fertility, and are especially useful during pregnancy. As for veggies, you can choose leek, onions, pepper, garlic, mustard, and horseradish. The most attractive flowers for your sign are rhododendron, anemone, peony, hibiscus, and gardenia. The herbs for your overall health and wellbeing include aloe vera, basil, ginger, and coriander.

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