This Winter’s Tarot

Each month has its own Tarot card. Read more about this season’s cards!

The Tarot is about to reveal its secrets to you! We have selected a Tarot card for each month that fits the theme of the month perfectly. Read on to discover what theme each Tarot card represents and what exactly these cards reveal about this winter.

January: The Lovers


The Lovers Tarot card depicts a man and a woman standing beneath the angel, Raphael. The angel’s name means “God heals” and is associated with both mental and physical healing. The couple is standing in a beautiful landscape, reminiscent of the Garden of Eden. Usually, a tall apple tree with a snake on it stands behind the woman. Obviously, the serpent and the tree represent temptation and sensual pleasures.
This card is associated with harmony, relationships, values alignment, and choices. Sometimes, when the card is reversed, it is connected with self-love, egoism, imbalance, and misalignment of values.

How it influences you:
As the name of the card suggests, the Lovers card has a huge influence on your relationships and urges you to choose people you are compatible with. When you’re in a relationship, the card urges you to trust your partner and become a better and more understanding person.

February: The Strength


Usually, in the Strength Tarot card, a woman gently strokes a lion on its head and jaw. It is implied that the woman has tamed the wild animal with her loving, calming energy. The beast is a symbol of fiery passions and aggression, and in taming the lion, the woman depicted on the card shows than instincts and passions can be expressed positively. She channels her powers to subtly control the wild beast.
This card is associated with strength, courage, persuasion, influence, and compassion. When the card is reversed, it may mean self-doubt, anger, low energy, and raw emotion.

How it influences you:
The meaning of the card revolves around being secure in yourself and being compassionate towards other people. The card tells you that steely strength is a better way to approach situations and more effective than getting angry. Your patience will be put to the test this February. Make sure to avoid negativity and stay as diplomatic as possible.

March: Justice


The card usually depicts a woman standing between two pillars, similar to those framing the High Priestess. Pillars symbolize law, structure, and balance. The woman holds a sword in her hand, signifying a logical, well-ordered mindset. Her sword usually points upwards, expressing a firm decision. The sword is double-edged, meaning that our actions always carry consequences. The scales in her left hand show that she is impartial and knows how to balance her cold logic. Her crown represents her well-ordered thoughts.
The card is associated with fairness, truth, cause and effect, and law. Sometimes, when the card is reversed, it may mean a lack of accountability and dishonesty.

How it influences you:
This card urges you to explore your personal values and moral code. Self-reflection is an important factor this month. The powers of the card encourage you to become better people in your daily life. Try to learn something new both about yourself and the world around you this March and work on yourself!

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