The Tarot in March

This month’s Tarot card is ominous… Learn what it means!
Every month, a certain Tarot card steps in front and affects your life. Here’s what this month’s card means!

The Devil Card: What is it about?


No doubt, this month’s main Tarot card looks ominous and can give you the impression that you need to prepare for the worst. Is it really this bad, though? Should you expect something scary in March? Is there a way to use the card’s energy to your advantage?

Well, the devil is said to be in detail, so be ready for even the smallest things to get you in trouble this month. The card indicates that you’re approaching something dangerous. However, the loose chains sometimes depicted on the card may mean that you can break free with relative ease.

This card means that you should be careful when making important decisions in both the romantic and professional spheres of your life. All the temptations of the world are waiting for you this March, so take your time to think everything over. Ask yourself this question: “Wil l I regret my decision later?” If there’s even the slightest possibility that you will, don’t do this. 

Love and Work


The card is deeply connected with carnal love and temptations, meaning that succumbing to your darkest desires and cheating on your significant other is more likely this month. Selfishness steps in front this March as well, going hand in hand with romantic desires, and may cause lots of intense (in a bad sense) moments. Seeking balance is crucial.

When it comes to the career sphere, the card means that you should seek pleasure in your work and material achievements. The Devil may try to tempt you to do something unethical (to say the least), so be extra careful.

What to be aware of


The card indicates a period when it’s extremely likely to find yourself being manipulated by someone charming and powerful. Keep your free will and don’t let anyone abuse you. Analyze your decisions and plans and think if the decisions are truly yours or someone else is pushing you.

The Devil Card: Interpretation

The card depicts a creature with horns and bat wings who is usually accompanied by two beings, a male and a female, who are chained to each other. They appear to be worshiping the Devil.

The card is closely connected with submission to your instincts and deepest, darkest desires that burn within you and can control your life.

The Devil card represents charisma, magnetism, and the ability to seduce. These good qualities are connected with not-so-good greed, lust, and fear.

The card is also associated with money, so be ready for a significant influx of cash this month. This will allow you to buy something you’ve been dreaming about for a long time. Be careful, though, and try not to become a bit too avaricious. The card may also indicate that there are tons of highly competitive people in your environment – finding someone who can help you climb up your career ladder is highly possible.


Some obsessions of yours can be radicalized this month – be careful with any addictions you have, be it alcohol, tobacco, or sweets. Take good care of your body and your mind.

What to do

  • Take care of your body and mind
  • Avoid risks
  • Don’t cheat
  • Don’t let people manipulate you
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