The Tarot in July

What does the Tarot know about your life in July? Explore this month’s main card!

Published: Jul 11, 2022

Every month, a certain Tarot card steps forward. This July, it is one of the most powerful cards of the Tarot. Exploring its meaning can give a clue on what to expect this month – success or failure, drama or peace. Read on to find out what exactly this card means and what it brings you!

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The energy of the sun is very powerful and pure – it heals, helps us achieve balance, and makes us stronger spiritually. It’s a symbol of marriage, strong unions, and health. In general, it’s a very positive card that means regeneration and vitality. It often promises positive changes and recovery from diseases .

The Sun also symbolizes a father figure. It is the divine husband of the Moon (who symbolizes the feminine energy). The Sun’s energy is all about the active intellect, while the Moon symbolizes the unconscious and imagination.

How to interpret it?

There are two variants of the card.


The first variant shows two children standing under the large, bright sun who represents the source of life on earth. According to scholars, they’re related to Romulus and Remus. They symbolize the balance between opposites because the twins are of opposite sexes.

Yellow and golden dominate the card, symbolizing intelligence and wealth. The Sun is healing the twins and sending divine gifts; it provides the light that is necessary for the plants to grow and also has a very important spiritual meaning.

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In some other Tarot decks, instead of the twins, there’s a single child in the card’s foreground. He or she is sitting on a white horse, representing the ability to be in harmony with your inner spirit. Their nakedness is the sign that they don’t hide anything, they’re innocent and pure. The horse is also a symbol of purity, harmony, and strength.

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What is its message?

In the field of love, this card brings maturity, emotional intelligence, and support no matter what happens. Your significant other focuses on harmony and well-being. The card symbolizes joy experienced by the couple daily. Your relationship will be upgraded: you will show great respect and understanding to each other. Being together will feel more satisfying than ever.


If you’re planning to get pregnant, there’s a great possibility of making this dream come true this month. Marriage is also highly possible this month. For those who are not in a relationship at the moment, the Sun card symbolizes new love. If you have any relationship problems, you can solve them by using the Tarot, too! 

All your problems in this field will start disappearing as if by magic. If you’re unemployed at the moment, your intelligence and luck will allow you to find the job of your dreams in July. This will be an extremely positive month – enjoy it but try to stay reasonable and don’t take unnecessary risks.


The Sun card represents the ability to renew yourself, your spirituality, and understanding of life. It allows you to experience new emotions and helps you live your life according to your own rules. In general, the card promises a lot of positive events in all spheres of your life. Find out what else this month has in store for your sign.

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