From April 19 to May 20 the Sun will stay in Taurus, which means the time of reflection has replaced the time of quick action. People feel the urge to slow down a bit, review what has been done before and probably make new plans. What will this period bring to representatives of every sign? Find out what to expect!

Jump at the chance to leave your comfort zone this month and look at the world and people who are surrounding you from a bit different, broader perspective. The Sun will shine in your 9th House of Philosophy motivating you to expand your horizons traveling, studying new disciplines or doing special exercises.

This time will be extremely favorable for trying something new and relying on your intuition more than on your logic. Don’t worry – the insights you’ll get will eventually lead you to security, abundance, and happiness. The most important thing now is not to be scared to use your sixth sense, Virgo native!

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