Power Color Horoscope

Have you ever noticed that you prefer one color and can’t stand another one? This is definitely not a coincidence – colors are able to give you strength and fill with energy or make you depressed and apathetic. Choose your zodiac sign to find out which color will help you shine!

Published: May 05, 2021

What's your sign's power color?


March 21 - April 19

Your power color is red. Aries people belong to the most restless sign of the zodiac, they’re eager to enjoy their life to the fullest and willingly support all activities you offer them. If you’re an Aries native, you’ll never want to be ignored, so it’s no wonder that you prefer to surround yourself with all possible shades of red.

Mahogany, ruby, Turkey red, or dark red – choose any shade of the red color for your clothes and your apartment. Don’t run it into the ground, though, as red is a very active color. You’d better add several red accents to your bedroom or kitchen and put on a red hat, scarf, or shoes to feel more confident and self-satisfied.

Power Color Horoscope for Aries


April 20 - May 20

Your power color is green. Taureans are closely connected to the earth, nature, and growth and they need to feel these bonds all the time. Born in the middle of spring, they’re as open and generous as the season itself, that’s why the green color reflects their personality best. Keep it in mind while choosing the color patterns for your home.

Taurus natives prefer green in almost all its shades: lawn green, lime green, spring green, sea green, and even turquoise. All these green hues symbolize progress and awakening, and this is what Taurus people strive for the most. Besides, this color also represents the nurturing and caring nature of Taurus reps, and sometimes even emphasizes their indecisiveness.


May 21 - June 20

Your power color is yellow. Gemini people are cheerful, versatile, and jovial, so it’s no wonder that yellow is the color that reflects their curious personality and sharp mind best. They typically have exciting and upbeat nature; they are never shy and can’t live without communication. The yellow color, the symbol of light and happiness, reflects the lively nature of the people born under the sign.

Bright yellow, mustard, sunglow, ecru, lion, gold, or apricot – all these shades fill your heart with light and happiness helping you feel elated. Besides, yellow triggers your inquisitiveness and makes the things that surround you look brighter. Being the color of intellect, it also boosts your brainpower.


June 21 - July 22

Your power colors are white and silver. Cancer people are temperamental and unpredictable; they’re loyal and easily hurt. They have a very strong intuition, too, and silver and white are the colors that reflect this part of their nature. Cancerians are typically understanding and sensitive, they’re eager to feel love at the deepest possible level.

Ash gray, gunmetal, charcoal, rose quartz and pure silver are the colors that emphasize your ability to shine without being too bright or blinding. On the other hand, vanilla, snow, pearl, ivory, eggshell, and beige shades reflect your purity, naivety, and ability to sympathize with your close ones.

Power Color Horoscope for Cancer


July 23 - August 22

Your power color is gold. Leo people are invariably romantic, optimistic, and dedicated, which means they possess a kind heart and positive spirit. Gold is the color that can’t but suit Leo natives, as it emphasizes their generosity, desire to stay in the limelight, and ability to shine no matter what circumstances they find themselves in.

Gold is the well-known color of prestige and power, the color that is attributed to the representatives of royal families. The king of the jungle is the first one to be protected and patronized by this bright sunny color. Gold will give you the needed attention and support your optimistic view of life.


August 23 - September 22

Your power colors are green and brown. Virgo reps are analytical and methodical; they’re the real perfectionists and great managers who want things to be done well or not done at all. Continuous growth is the thing they’re striving for, that’s why these earthly shades reflect their ever-developing personalities best.

Hunter green, dark green, Brunswick green, field drab and seal brown are the colors that inspire Virgo natives to strive for something more. The shades of brown represent stability and a methodical approach to life that Virgo people frequently take. The shades of green highlight Virgo’s commitment to self-improvement and self-development.


September 23 - October 23

Your power colors are pink and blue. Libra people are balanced by nature and need two colors to reflect their harmonious personalities. They’re charming and diplomatic; their calm character attracts all the people around. Light blue and airy pink are the shades that help Libra reps open their heart even wider.

Libra natives don’t need to be surrounded by bright colors, as these pale hues suit their peaceful personality best. Light blue adds more balance to their life and increases clarity, while sparkly pink emphasizes the nurturing and loving nature of Libra representatives. Light blue, iris, Alice blue, ultra-pink or mauve - choose the ideal color for yourself!

Power Color Horoscope for Libra


October 24 - November 22

Your power color is black. Scorpio natives are the most mysterious zodiac representatives, which means the black color is the one that suits them best. They’re questioning and possessive and are able to turn the tables around when they want to. The black color reflects the profound Scorpio individuality in the best way.

Scorpios like to look deeper and tend to question everything they see and feel. In western culture, the shades of black – onyx, ebony, charcoal, jet, or café noir – are the symbols of death and rebirth. These colors help Scorpio reps let things go and transform themselves in the way they like.


November 23 - December 21

Your power color is purple. Sagittarius natives are brave, generous, and open. They’re interested in cultural and intellectual matters, love freedom, and prefer to stay independent. Purple, the color of awareness and spirituality, pushes smart Sagittarius representatives to openness and inspiration.

Violet, wisteria, rose, lilac, orchid, indigo, fuchsia – hardly any other color has more beautiful, bright and attractive shades. The same can be said about Sagittarius people, as they’re as bright and charming as their color. Besides, purple is the color of abundance, which means it drives Sagittarians to expand their horizons whenever possible.


December 22 - January 19

Your power colors are brown and grey. Capricorns are the most stubborn zodiac representatives; besides, they’re determined, ambitious, helpful, conservative, and practical. Capricorns are wonderful organizers because they’re work-oriented and responsible. However, people born under this sign are reliable and traditional, that’s why these colors reflect their personality best.

Grey is the combination of two opposite colors, white and black. It boosts the conservatism of Capricorn natives and emphasizes their traditional life approach. The brown color and its shades – chocolate, sand, wheat, sepia, and even bronze – represent the Goat’s stability and determinations in his or her attempts to reach goals.

Power Color Horoscope for Capricorn


January 20 - February 19

Your power color is blue. Aquarians are the most progressive and modern zodiac representatives, they’re creative, attractive, and constant truth-seekers. Being an air sign, it's no wonder that Aquarius natives are drawn to blue and all its shades. Besides, blue is the symbol of the endless sky, and therefore represents the huge flow of ideas and experiments Aquarius people are prone to.

Marian blue, electric blue, turquoise, teal, ultramarine, and sky blue – an Aquarius person is sure to find the shade that appeals to him or her most. It’s interesting to know that Uranus, the ruling planet of the sign, is of blue color, too! Aquarians are frequently as unpredictable as the blue ocean and the blue cosmos around them.


February 20 - March 20

Your power color is light green. Pisces people are the well-known astrological dreamers – lovely, compassionate, and mystical. However, they’re often afraid of facing the current upstream and prefer to swim downstream instead. Pale green helps Pisces people get connected with their subconscious.

Bright green, neon green, lime, spring green, and emerald – these shades, if used in the apartment or clothes of a Pisces person, will bring him or her more inspiration and lead this person to renewal. Besides, green represents healing energy, the phenomenon that Pisces representatives are best known for.

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