Native American Astrology Signs

Native American Astrology helps you learn about who you are as a person and even how to navigate difficult life choices. Let’s look more into the different zodiacs and how each is exceptional.

Published: Nov 07, 2022

Native American Zodiacs are fascinating to learn about. As with other cultures' takes on astrology, Native American astrology signs are unique to elements, animals, and their beliefs at the time. While we may be familiar with signs such as Capricorn, in Native American astrology, everyone is given a birth animal — birthsigns which are spirit animals based on your birthday.

Red Hawk Totems are precision hunters
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Native American Zodiac Sign of Red Hawk (March 21—April 19)

If you carry the red hawk as your Native American zodiac, you have excellent vision and know exactly where you are headed. Your passion and drive make you precise and fearless with your goals. You take to the sky to be rid of paltry living. You can reach every goal you set through your tenacity and independence. But even eagles sometimes need help making decisions. Check out this spread and learn more about your choices!

The Beaver: Native American Zodiac (April 20—May 20)

If you carry the beaver as your birth animal, you are steadfast and industrious, reliable and trustworthy. While the beaver builds its dam, you will steadfastly build toward your goals with an unmatched determination. You do not appreciate drama and are quick to retreat from it. You will create your dream life with the steady, hard-working qualities you possess. 

Deer Totems move skillfully through life
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Native American Zodiac: Deer Meaning (May 21—June 20)

Your natural intelligence and mental quickness make it hard to keep up with you. With the deer as your Native American zodiac, your constant sharp senses and effortless evasion techniques allow you to move through this world quickly. You are known to change your mind almost instantly. When you find something you are truly passionate about, you will not veer from that course, and you will give it all your focus. 

Woodpecker: Native American Zodiac (June 21—July 22) 

Your perseverance and nurturing nature are forces to be reckoned with. With the woodpecker as your Native American zodiac, you put your all into goals or people you love. You have a tenacity that is unmatched. Your family, whether blood or bond, is of utmost importance to you, and you will protect them fiercely. You may find that you smother those you love the most. You will need to learn to let go and work on focusing some of that love on yourself. If you want to learn even more about your personality, check out this birthdate analysis! 

Salmon: Native American Zodiac Meaning for Shamans (July 23—August 22) 

A salmon’s determination and single-mindedness to return to its birthplace to reproduce is phenomenal. You also possess these traits at these intense levels. Your strength is exceptional, and you plow ahead with a dogged focus that breaks down obstacles with ease. Focusing only on your goals can lead others to see selfishness that is not truly there. While these traits can lead to great success, avoid burning your energy out too quickly. You need to make time to rest in calmer waters. 

Brown Bear Totems are inquisitive and intelligent by nature
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Native American Zodiac: Brown Bear (August 23—September 22)

Steadfast and level-headed, you are much like your inquisitive brown bear Native American zodiac. You can work out your own problems and prefer to handle your business privately. Being pragmatic comes naturally but can make others see you as aloof. You have a curiosity for life and live life on your terms. It can be difficult to be social for long periods. While it may be hard at first, you can find the energy and new ideas in other people. Work to include others in your world. How different are your Native American Zodiac and your Western Zodiac? Find out here. 

Native American Zodiac: Raven Meaning (September 23—October 22)

In Native American legends, the Raven begins as stark white, then, through some mishap, must take on the black color. There is a duality in these legends that lives inside you. Seen as very diplomatic and harmonious, your ability to bring stillness to everyone around you is significant. You strive for balance in your life; however, it comes with hardship as your gentle nature can be taken advantage of easily. Work on setting boundaries so as not to live in a chaotic or conflicting state. 

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Snake Totems have an air of mystery
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Native American Zodiac: Snake (October 23—November 21)

You are as misunderstood as your Native American snake zodiac—people often fear you. You hold an emotional depth and enigmatic nature inside. Your power to see others' true nature can be unnerving for some. Like snakes, you have the ability to shed your current life with ease and start fresh. You are constantly searching for connection and meaning. Work to manage your emotions. They are a strength but can also be your biggest obstacle. 

Owl: Native American Zodiac (November 22—December 20)

With the owl as your Native American zodiac, you are seen as the wisest of the signs. Your shrewd perspective and thirst for knowledge lead many to seek your advice. Never wanting to be held down, you seek adventures and new heights in your life. Never one to back down, you can walk away from things that no longer serve you. As you fly to all your new heights, remember not to lose sight of the important people in your life. You may find it lonelier up there than you thought. 

Snow Goose: Native American Zodiac Meaning (December 21—January 20) 

The snow goose is a creature that chooses to follow the snow instead of the sun. With the snow goose as your Native American zodiac, you share a similar quality of choosing your own path regardless of what is considered normal. Snow geese make intelligent, strict leaders who can be very fair and unbiased or overbearing and authoritarian. Your standards are typically outlandishly high, even for yourself. Remember to take some time to work on vulnerability. Every great leader needs to be well-rounded. 

Otter Totems live life on their terms
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Native American Zodiac Sign of Otter (January 21—February 18)

Much like your Native American zodiac, the otter, you live your life to the beat of your own drum. You love socializing but carry a certain detachment from everything. This allows you the freedom to live life the way you choose. You are a good communicator and have no problem setting boundaries. Though unconventional, you are typically goal-oriented and have no issues building a life of abundance. Take some downtime to recharge from all the galavanting, or you may burn out sooner than you like. 

Native American Zodiac: Wolf (February 19—March 20)

Loyalty, mystery, and sensitivity. These are all traits of the Native American wolf zodiac. Much like wolves, your sensitivity comes from those around you. If someone is hurting, you know it and will do everything you can to heal that hurt. While you require the social comfort of others, you do isolate yourself when your energy is depleted. You are keen hunters in life, setting your sights on your goals. You adapt to your surroundings and make the most of where you are. You can thrive if you work on setting boundaries to avoid draining your energy. 

Native American astrology signs hold similar archetypes as western astrology. Each totem is sacred. Combining your zodiac with your Native American totem can help further guide you on best practices, paths, and goals for you in this life. 

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