Most Selfish Zodiac Signs

Love for yourself is a great thing. Everyone should love and appreciate themselves. But quite often, we meet people who overestimate themselves and their power, and we can't explain that they may be wrong.

Published: Nov 17, 2022

What are the most selfish zodiac signs?

By the way, very insecure people are hiding behind the mask of perfection. These guys have an attackable self-concept; they are afraid to look ordinary. On the contrary, they look like the most confident people in the world. They are sure about their exclusivity! We want to limit their appetites now.

Have you recognized yourself? Let's get acquainted with the rating of the most arrogant signs of the zodiac.

12th place: Libra

We cannot call them arrogant. Libras prefer to be on par with everyone. The only thing in which this sign is stronger than the others is conflict. We can call people of this sign true diplomats. No one can resolve conflicts better than they do.

Neutrality is Libra's signature behavior style. They do not like to take sides. But in any case, their restraint and friendly indifference are better than ridiculous pathos.

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11th place: Pisces 

Self-doubt often hides behind arrogance. However, we can't say the same about Pisces. They don't know how to bury their weaknesses.

In addition, they do not want to hurt anyone; they are even afraid to offend someone. However, if you hit Pisces, they will certainly fight back. Still, they will not be the first to provoke. Besides, Pisces are afraid of looking funny, so they don't risk showing off.

10th place: Capricorn

Capricorns are sure they can handle everything on their own. They do not accept advice or help; even if they start to sink, they keep floundering until the end. 

This sign needs to be or seem untouchable. Capricorns know that they depend on the evaluation of others. They often hate themselves for it. Capricorns, we advise you to keep calm and go on vacation. Remember that you are just people like the rest of us.

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9th place: Aries 

Aries do not think they are the best of the best but consider themselves part of the elite. They choose equals as partners in life, business, and friendship (there are few of them, but still).

Getting into the Aries circle of trust is very difficult but possible. There are several ways, and one of them is to impress them with intelligence. You should listen and admire.

8th place: Aquarius

Like Sagittarius, Aquarians fear losing their freedom and the opportunity to do what they want and consider necessary. They are afraid no one will need them. Aquarius reps don't want to stay alone or without a job they like.

Aquarius cannot stand routine, and work that does not bring pleasure becomes a serious, painful test for them. They love change and experimentation! Their self-importance borders on megalomania, and it's a rather unpleasant combination. Representatives of this sign do not doubt their opinion is critical to others, and those around them are inferior to Aquarians in development.

7th place: Cancer 

Cancers adore giving advice, but they do not tolerate it when advice is given to them. These guys are very dependent on their mood and easily poison the lives of others if they are in low spirits.

Cancer is secretive, hiding their true "I." At the same time, Cancers require sincerity and honesty from others. Cancerians love to argue. They are not interested in someone else's opinion; Cancer sees the meaning of the dispute in setting the opponent on the right path.

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6th place: Virgo 

Like Cancer, Virgo is always ready to give advice or lecture on any topic. Virgo has a passion for demonstrating erudition and a deep mind. She does it for any reason without asking permission.

Such self-confidence irritates other people. Very often, Virgo runs into rudeness because they do not understand that no one wants to listen to them.

5th place: Sagittarius

Representatives of this sign suffer from tactlessness, straightforwardness, and inadequate assessment of the situation.

Sagittarius will not stop talking about themselves, even if the apocalypse happens. They do not know when enough is enough and are prone to hasty conclusions. The weak point of Sagittarius is bestial seriousness and excessive pathos. A persiflage can lead to mental trauma for Sagittarius.

4th place: Taurus

On the one hand, the arrogant Taurus is devoid of sympathy; on the other hand, they easily come to the rescue. There is an explanation for this paradox. In helping others, Taurus reps assert themselves in its indispensability and toughness. To argue with Taurus is pointless. Do you want to win their trust? Talk to Taurus about their life.

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3rd place: Leo

The egocentric Leo is full of pathos. They consider themselves excellent speakers, brilliant artists, and charismatic people. They are genuinely surprised when faced with indifference.

Lions never grow up and are like spoiled children, always waiting for praise. They are very naive.

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2nd place: Scorpio

Scorpio is the opposite of the good-natured Leo. These reps are harsh, poisonous, vindictive, and do not fall for false compliments. They don't need the assessments of others because they know everything about themselves.

These reps evaluate themselves adequately; they focus on the merits. Scorpio people can laugh at themselves; they normally react to criticism up to a certain point. However, if you hit them for real, you have to run away and not look back. Never!

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1st place: Gemini 

The extreme arrogance of this sign not only irritates others but also represents a danger to them. Behind the condescending tone, Gemini's indifference to people is hidden. Confident that they are allowed more than others, they do not consider it necessary to stand by their words.

Geminis often make terrible bosses because real power corrupts them instantly. Gemini, be careful with people; they may take revenge on you!

Gemini people are the bad guys of the Zodiac. They may even commit a crime! See your sign's crime here. 

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