Liars Of The Zodiac

The Biggest Liars of the Zodiac, Ranked From Most To Least

Published: Mar 13, 2023

We all tell lies. Some do it to avoid trouble, some lie to make themselves look a bit cooler, and some just lie because they can. But we all agree that some people lie more than others. And astrology knows a couple of things about this matter. Read on to find out which Zodiac signs lie the most!


When it comes to liars, Scorpio people are on the top – well, honestly, is anyone surprised? They are the most manipulative, mysterious, cunning, and deceitful members of the zodiac family. Sometimes, lying feels even more natural than telling the truth to them: they are so good at it that no other sign can even rival – yes, even Gemini natives who are the second-best on this list. Their only issue is that they are almost too good. Sometimes they have a hard time telling fact from fiction after a while.

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Gemini is the second-best liar of the Zodiac, the only sign that can beat them in the art of lying is manipulative Scorpio. But they are definitely skillful when it comes to deception and manipulation. There’s a little thing that makes it difficult for them to compete with Scorpio, though, – sometimes their lies are so obvious people just know that they are lying. But because they’re so fun, creative, and charming, everyone accepts it as a part of their personality and rarely calls them out – even when their stories are laughably obviously fiction.

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Pisces gets bronze in the Lying Olympics. Most astrology buffs tend to dismiss them as a sensitive, kind-hearted, and artsy soul, but underneath that is a bit of a devil who will lie to achieve their goals, climb up the career ladder or even win friends. With their sensitiveness and ability to be more intuitive than other signs, they know exactly when and how to tell lies to get what they want from every situation. They are more convincing liars than Gemini and even Scorpio – the only reason they are not on the top is that they don’t tell lies as often as Scorpios.

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Libra's magical combination of being both charming and manipulative makes them great liars. They lie to make themselves look cooler, to get out of trouble, to get a job, to achieve their goals, to entertain themselves, etc, etc… Basically, they are lying all the time. They would be the queen (or the king) of lies, but their indecisiveness makes it nearly impossible for them to keep track of their numerous lies. They tend to change little details of lies they've already told – and people start to notice this pretty soon. They often have a series of different lies out there, and each one is as believable as the previous one.

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Yes, Cancer is a good liar, but unlike other signs on this list, they don’t use their lying skills to hurt others or achieve their goals. When it comes to their lies, it’s more about their inability to see the true version of events and their tendency to exaggerate. Sometimes they lie just to make their story more interesting to others – no manipulation is involved, and their friends are used to listening to their stories which are usually a bit exaggerated. And their friends love them. So, while they are on the list of the biggest liars of the Zodiac, their lies are usually harmless. And entertaining, too.


Just like Cancer natives, Aquarius people don’t lie to hurt others or get what they want. For the most part, their lies aren’t out to cause any major damage to others. In most cases, Aquarians tell lies to keep harmony and avoid hurting others. (By the way, if you're struggling to keep harmony in your relationship, try this reconciliation reading!) It’s indeed kind of them, and mostly their lies don’t do any harm, but in some situations, these lies can backfire when the truth comes to light. Their lies are just some kind of band-aids – until someone dares to tell the harsh truth.

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