In astrology, love and karma are two things that are tightly intertwined, which is a reasonable explanation of why we all have a different perception of an ideal relationship. Unresolved karma can lead to challenges in love and family life. Choose your sign to find out what your karmic love lesson is.

Your urge to take a bulldog grip on everything can drive your partner crazy, Scorpio. Overprotective, over-paranoid, and overcautious… there is too many over’s for a person to cope with. Always being in control isn’t a good idea, Scorpio. Sometimes you just need to relax and take everything easy.

The karmic love lesson Scorpio representatives need to learn is that everyone needs some privacy. Why not spend time apart now and then? This may help make your relationship stronger. Love is all about respecting each other, and the first step for you is to stop listening to your inner skeptic.

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