Jupiter opposes Sun

Mercury Exits Retrograde: What Happens Now?

Mercury finally exits retrograde but there’s another planet that can affect you and your life greatly. Jupiter is directly opposite from the Sun, creating a lot of energies and sending them your way. What does it mean for you? Will it bring success or failure? Read on to find out what to expect!



Jupiter vs. Sun


If you enjoy stargazing, the Sun and Jupiter’s sky show will give you a lot of fun moments – due to the Sun’s light Jupiter will be visible and particularly bright to boot. The planet is pretty slow-moving, so it will be on display for a long period of time.


What it is and how it affects us


Trust us: you’re going to FEEL this opposition even if you don’t look up to the sky to enjoy the view. An opposition is one of the most important astrological aspects that can happen between planets. It appears when two planets are across from each other on the Zodiac Wheel. This important astrological aspect is connected with tension and compromise: it means that conflict is just as likely as a newfound harmony and balance.


The sun and Jupiter make each other stronger, louder, and more visible when they oppose each other:




During this astrological aspect, it’s easy to feel like you’re able to achieve everything you want. You’re the queen or the king of the world but it’s also very easy to become a bit too confident and make some risky choices.


Dealing with the opposition of this kind can be compared to having too much of something good. You want to take advantage of this situation and unusual confidence and make the moves you’ve been too scared to make otherwise (for example, telling people at work about your new ideas or dying your hair green). 


But making too many big moves may result in creating lots of problems for yourself and people around you (your project may keep you at the office into the wee hours, etc). Get personal advice and guidance to make the most of the opposition.



What will happen


Expect a lot of struggle to control Jupiter’s expansive nature which can result in inflated ego, excesses in pleasure-seeking, and being too confident. 




During all this chaos it may be a bit difficult to remain calm and content. You may feel unfulfilled or annoyed because of it, which may result in failing to see new opportunities or being reckless. It’s very important to find integration during these disturbing events; once it’s found, optimism and good cheer become strong points. 


The energy can be best expressed through religion, spirituality, studies, involvement in social causes, and, if it’s possible, travel. If travel is not an option, try learning new languages or just reading about other countries to understand their world view and culture.


How to deal with it




To make the most out of this opposition, you need to learn an important lesson: don’t bite off more than you can chew. Use every opportunity you see, but do it wisely and make sure to not overdo it. Be as careful as possible and all your steps will lead you to success! What exactly will happen soon? Your hidden destiny is revealed. Click here to see the details. 

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