Let’s face it: we cannot stay young forever. We all get older but it doesn’t necessarily need to be bad: being old means being experienced, sometimes wise, sometimes cool, and with a lot of free time. Astrology can give you a couple of hints on how cool you will be when you’re old: read on to find out if your sign is one of those who only get better with age!

Aquarius natives love being independent and some of them even enjoy loneliness. This can become an issue as they get older because walking alone can become tiresome or even painful for them. Everyone needs a strong community around them, especially when we’re old. Aquarians may struggle in this area.

Finding a true friend becomes a really tough process once we get older, so Aquarians may find themselves lonely and even depressed because of it. When you’re a kid, it feels like you can just approach anyone you like and become friends with them immediately, but for adults, that’s not always possible.

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