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25 Amazing Horoscope Facts You Didn’t Know Were True

Published: Jun 02, 2020

Which sign is most likely to become a billionaire? Which sign is most likely to hit the gym? Who is the most dangerous sign? Read on to get these (and many more) astro-related questions answered!

Fact #1


An analysis of the FBI data found that Cancers commit crimes more often than other signs. Their crimes tend to be more serious as well. Don’t mess with Cancers.

Fact #2. These 2 signs are most likely to become president.

Scorpio and Pisces are more presidential than others: they produced the most presidents while Gemini was the least common sign.

Fact #3. Astrology is REALLY old

The oldest horoscope was for 410 BC. This is considered to be the beginning of astrology.

Fact #4


A recent research project found that people born under the sign of Sagittarius are twice as likely to become celebrities. The list of famous Sagittarians is truly impressive: Taylor Swift, Brad Pitt, Winston Churchill, Bruce Lee, Steven Spielberg, Britney Spears, and more!

Fact #5. The worst drivers of the Zodiac are Leos

According to the study conducted by Australian car share service Go Get, Leos are 40% more likely to get a ticket than Libras.

Fact #6. Leos are more likely to hit the gym

A recent survey found that Leos are twice as likely to hit the gym compared to other signs.

Fact #7. Capricorns are cheaters

Caps have the most accounts on Ashley Madison (an online dating service marketed for people who are already in relationships). Read on about zodiac cheaters here. 

Fact #8


The sign is famous for its ambitions, so it’s not surprising that there more Aries natives in the Forbes list of billionaires than any other sign. Discover your career and ambition destiny here.

Fact #9. Scorpios are often leaders

An analysis by Vocativ found that more world leaders were born under the sign of Scorpio than any other sign.

Fact #10. The Zodiac was used for farming

Originally, it was used as a sort of an agricultural calendar that helped people to find out when exactly to seed and harvest.

Fact #11. Aquarians are more likely to be athletes

According to a recent analysis of the top athletes list, Aquarius was the most common sign, while Cancer was the next most frequently appearing sign.

Fact #12. Serial killers are more likely to be born under these signs

An analysis of the list of the most notorious serial killers of America found that these two signs appear more often than others: Gemini and Pisces.

Fact #13


Originally, the Zodiac had 13 signs but one of them (Ophiuchus) was abandoned because there was no room for it in the 12-month calendar

Fact #14. Schizophrenia is common among these signs

A study found that schizophrenics statistically had a higher chance to be born under the signs of Aquarius and Pisces.

Fact #15. Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt loved astrology

They both were super into astrology and would occasionally quote horoscopes.

Fact #16


Scorpio, Leo, Cancer, and Taurus are the signs who are more likely to earn $100,000 or more a year.

Fact #17. These signs are bad at making money

Aquarians and, surprisingly, hardworking Capricorns are the signs who are more likely to earn less than $35,000 a year. Learn more about money management tips for your sign here.

Fact #18. Taureans are the most sensitive

According to astrologers, people born under the sign of Taurus are more sensitive to the touch. If you’re a Taurean and hate to be tickled, now you know why.

Fact #19. Pisces are often depressed

A recent study published in Perceptual and Motor Skills found that there’s a correlation between your sign and being depressed. Pisceans suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts more often than other signs.

Fact #20. Geminis like changes

Geminis switch jobs more often than any other signs – supposedly, because of their changeable nature and ambitions.

Fact #21


When Mercury is in retrograde, it only appears to move in the opposite direction. It doesn’t actually move backwards.

Fact #22. More accidents happen to Aries natives

Aries is accident-prone – probably because of their fiery nature and their tendency to be nervous all the time.

Fact #23. Scorpio is the hottest sign

Congrats to Scorps, because you’re often considered to be the most attractive sign of the Zodiac – supposedly due to your mysterious personality.

Fact #24


More people are born on September 16, making Virgo one of the most common signs of the Zodiac, while Aquarius is the least common sign.

Fact #25. Sagittarius love their jobs

Capricorns, Pisceans, and Sags reported having the greatest satisfaction in their job.

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