Everyone has a more or less accurate picture of what personality traits every sign is known for. But what if it is only the tip of the iceberg? What if all sign natives have a secret desire they are hiding deep inside for fear of being laughed at or feeling insecure? Or maybe, it's because they don’t even fully realize this is what they want! Let’s find out what hidden impulse drives every sign through life!

If you have a highly ambitious friend or acquaintance, he or she must have been born under the sign of Scorpio. They are extremely determined, set challenging aims for themselves and can’t rest until they achieve them. Scorpios are passionate and independent and would be happy if they could make the world a better place.

Scorpio natives will go all lengths if they decide to reach their aim. In trying to transform people and places around them, they can become overly jealous and obsessed with the idea. They love to control everything and everyone, which is a sign that Scorpio reps are naturally born leaders (although not loved by every subordinate). Success is their primary aim and they won’t stop until they achieve it.

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