April Fools’ Day is that special time of the year when you can pull the most outrageous pranks without getting punched! Or so they say. Sometimes, getting punched is unavoidable, especially if you prank a Virgo. So, how does every sign react to this wonderful, wonderful day? Read on to explore your funny side!

Virgos are control freaks of the Zodiac: they clean every square inch of every surface with a toothbrush before work and after work, and if you want to scare a Virgo, tell them there’s something between their teeth (that’s a great April Fools’ Day joke to try on a Virgo if you want to get killed, by the way!)

And this is how these folks react to April Fools’ pranks: their reaction will be either bad (if you tell them about something being between their teeth, for example) or boring. They are an extremely logical person, so be ready to get lectured about your bad manners. Virgos should not be messed with.

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