April Fools’ Day is that special time of the year when you can pull the most outrageous pranks without getting punched! Or so they say. Sometimes, getting punched is unavoidable, especially if you prank a Virgo. So, how does every sign react to this wonderful, wonderful day? Read on to explore your funny side!

The mood of a Taurus is always swinging up to down – one moment they are smiling at you, the other they shoot you in the knee (ouch). They are big fans of psychoanalysis and love practicing it on their friends and giving them advice but have no slightest idea how to apply it to their own lives.

How do they react to April Fools’ pranks? Tricking a Taurus is not the funniest thing. They will need some time to think about what is actually going on and where exactly the joke is. Their reaction to your prank will not be as fast and funny as you expect it to be because Taureans are just too serious about what you tell them.

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