April Fools’ Day is that special time of the year when you can pull the most outrageous pranks without getting punched! Or so they say. Sometimes, getting punched is unavoidable, especially if you prank a Virgo. So, how does every sign react to this wonderful, wonderful day? Read on to explore your funny side!

Leos love attention. In fact, they love attention so much, they will do literally anything to achieve it, including self-immolation. Shock value is something they desperately crave. They love talking and giving advice and may barricade the exit if someone tries to escape before Leos finish their speech.

This is how these attention-loving folks react to April Fools’ pranks: just like Cancerians, they love pulling jokes on someone else but not on themselves. Laughing at themselves is a no-no for them – and it should be a no-no for you as well if you don’t want to lose your Leo’s friendship and be brutally killed.

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