April Fools’ Day is that special time of the year when you can pull the most outrageous pranks without getting punched! Or so they say. Sometimes, getting punched is unavoidable, especially if you prank a Virgo. So, how does every sign react to this wonderful, wonderful day? Read on to explore your funny side!

If an Aries makes a decision, they will stand their ground. They won’t admit they’re wrong. Never. Even if they end up homeless and living in a refrigerator box, they’ll tell you that everything is going according to the plan! They’re NOT wrong. They did NOT make the wrong decision. They did NOT.

How do they react to April Fools’ Day? They will do their best to avoid pranks but, alas, to no avail – they will believe in anything you tell them. They are probably the easiest target but be ready for circumstances, such as: a fit of rage, a tantrum, a bad case of terrible mood, and maybe even some tears!

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