Some signs are majoring in flirting; others are less courageous and uninhibited. What makes the difference? Learn more about the ways natives of all signs show their affection to get a better understanding of their flirting styles!

Leo people are born to shine and attract. There is almost nothing you can do to resist their charms! A magnificent mane of hair and classy attire is their recipe for drawing other people to them! Even if it’s their very first date, they will never shy away from demonstrating their strengths.

However, that doesn’t mean they are self-focused – being the center of attention is just their personal drug. Leo people are sensual and passionate by nature; when passions start to bubble up inside them they don’t mind using their nails or teeth as a sexual turn-on. All in all, charming Leo people can easily win a place in your heart with their disarming smile.

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