Dating a person born under the same sign seems super easy. You’ll probably have similar interests, schedules, food preferences, and outlooks on life. Surprisingly, it is not always the case. The mirror you’ll find in a same-sign partner can reflect the worst of your traits! Learn the pros and cons of dating your same sign!

What a fun, thrill-filled relationship will two Sagittarians have! You’ll embark on any adventure life throws your way! Rafting, snowboarding, even motorcycling – each of you’d be happy to try all those risky activities on your own, but you’ll enjoy them even more as a team!

You both are opinionated, too, but it will bother you in no way – you both enjoy a heated discussion as long it is a meaningful discussion, not a fight. The only tough moment you may encounter is when one of you is feeling ready to fully commit to your relationship, while the other is still in the fooling-around stage. To avoid it, set a goal that you can pursue together.

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