Dating a person born under the same sign seems super easy. You’ll probably have similar interests, schedules, food preferences, and outlooks on life. Surprisingly, it is not always the case. The mirror you’ll find in a same-sign partner can reflect the worst of your traits! Learn the pros and cons of dating your same sign!

A harmonious Libra-Libra union is a wonder to look at. Your degree of understanding of how to make the relationship work is amazing; you are two cogs in the tricky mechanism of love, and each of you excels at doing their part with precision.

However, keeping a pretty picture of a relationship does not mean that each of you truly enjoys it. Do not let your fairytale turn superficial! Stop trying to please your partner; remember about the things YOU like and want. Don’t be afraid to speak about them out loud, or make a fight even! You need to rock the boat of your relationship to see if it will tough out the rough waters of real life.

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