Dating a person born under the same sign seems super easy. You’ll probably have similar interests, schedules, food preferences, and outlooks on life. Surprisingly, it is not always the case. The mirror you’ll find in a same-sign partner can reflect the worst of your traits! Learn the pros and cons of dating your same sign!

Aquarians are known for their eccentricity; not every sign can tolerate their weirdness. Another Aquarius, on the contrary, will not only tolerate it – they will welcome your outbursts with open arms and an open mind. Moreover, you’ll not just be in love; you’ll be thick as thieves!

However, all the tricky stunts you and your partner will be pulling together will distract you from understanding and accepting each other for what you really are. If you want your relationship to be more than superficial, you need to talk about your real feelings and to be open with each other at least at times.

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