Do you sometimes feel like another sign? Like, when you’re Libra but sometimes feel that mysterious Scorpio vibe? Then you may be one of those Cusp Signs – people whose birthday falls on the time when the Sun leaves one sign and enters another. Read on to learn more about the conflicts, struggles, and beauty of the Zodiac Cusp!

If you’re a part of the Pisces-Aries squad, congratulations because this cusp tends to be successful. In this Zodiac combo, the dreamer meets the doer, creating an effective, unconventional leader. They’re totally not afraid to be the first to take action and take the lead – and they enjoy every second of leading.

One of the most definitive personality traits of this powerful cusp is their ability to push boundaries – and sometimes they are not even aware of it, which can result in some hurt feelings and misunderstandings. They know how to make people feel comfortable, though, so misunderstandings are resolved quickly.
Cuspers tend to have a more complex personality than other members of the Zodiac family. And, it can only be revealed through a complete soul profile. Tap to get started.

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