People tend to react to compliments in different ways: some of them feel ill at ease and are confused by warm words; others are pleased to accept them and start shining with happiness when they hear they're smart or irresistible. How will your partner respond to your compliment? Choose the sign to find it out!

When making a compliment to an Aquarian you have to be sure it’s sincere and honest. Don’t worry if representatives of this sign will take some time to think your phrase over as it’s important for them to realize your real intentions. When they see you’re truthful they will give the most massive hug they’re capable of.

It doesn’t matter if you know this person well or not, Aquarius natives are equally friendly to any person they’re acquainted with. If you want their response to be even brighter compliment them on something connected with their intellect. They love to hear things of this kind and their gratitude will be overwhelming.

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