Chinese Year of the Pig

Known for its endearing personality, the Pig represents generosity, warmth, and a love for life. Uncover the distinct traits of those born under the Pig sign, explore their compatibility with other signs, find out what brings them luck, and highlight notable individuals who share this zodiac affiliation.

By Tassie Zingaro

Published: Jun 20, 2024

The Chinese zodiac is a 12-year cycle in which each year is associated with a particular animal sign. These animal signs are believed to reflect certain personality traits and characteristics of individuals born in that year. The Pig is the last – but not least – of the 12 animals, and it holds a very special place.

Born in Year of the Pig

The inclusion of the Pig in the Chinese zodiac can be traced back to ancient times and is deeply ingrained in Chinese mythology and folklore. The Year of the Pig meaning is generally associated with wealth, abundance, and good fortune. This symbolism can be attributed to the pig's characteristics and behaviors observed in nature.

Those born in the Year of the Pig have a natural affinity for enjoying the good things in life and have the potential to accumulate wealth and experience material success. 

Furthermore, in Chinese agricultural society, the pig is associated with fertility and the cycles of nature, symbolizing prosperity and the continuation of family lineage. This connection also extends to human characteristics, with those born in the Year of the Pig often associated with having a large and happy family.

Year of the Pig Dates

There is a cool formula that lets you quickly determine which year any person was born in – of course, if you know their birthday and the place of each animal in the zodiac circle. The Year of the Pig concludes the Chinese zodiac cycle, so its number is 12. In this formula, you'll be dividing by 12, so 0 is the remainder that will tell you that this is a Pig sign native. See for yourself:

Wondering about Year of the Pig years? Use this formula and look for the remainder of 0.

The only catch is that the Chinese calendar is based on lunar cycles, so it's not a fixed thing. The Chinese New Year comes on a different day every time, sometimes in January, sometimes even in late February, so you'll have to check the person's full date of birth to make sure you're determining their Chinese zodiac sign correctly.

The Pig's Personality and Characteristics

Many exceptional qualities are often attributed to Year of the Pig personality traits:

  • Honest and sincere: Their straightforward and genuine nature makes them trustworthy and reliable in their relationships with others.
  • Generous and compassionate: Pigs are often willing to help others and have a strong sense of empathy and understanding.
  • Hardworking and diligent: They are eager to put in the necessary effort and work hard to achieve their goals – one of the many Year of the Pig characteristics.
  • Optimistic and joyful: Pigs are known for their cheerful disposition, finding happiness in the simple things, and the ability to uplift the spirits of those around them.
  • Easygoing and peaceful: Pigs tend to avoid conflicts and value peace and harmony in their relationships. Thanks to their positive outlook on life, they can adapt well to different situations.
  • Family-oriented: They have a deep sense of loyalty and devotion to their loved ones, prioritize the well-being and happiness of their family members, and strive to create a harmonious and nurturing home environment.
  • Sensible with finances: Prudence gives Pigs good financial management skills. Careful with spending, they value financial stability and security.

Pig Love Compatibility, Best Matches, Marriage

With all their stunning personal qualities, do Pigs find it easy to land a worthy partner and create a happy family or partnership? Explore the Year of the Pig compatibility to find out.

Male Pig in Love

When Pig men fall in love, they express their emotions more openly. Their nurturing side becomes prominent as they prioritize caring for their partner's needs and well-being. Protective and possessive of their loved ones, male Pigs create a sense of security and comfort in the relationship. They also become even more devoted and dedicated to their partner to ensure the stability and longevity of the relationship, striving to build a strong foundation based on trust and support. They prioritize creating a calm and nurturing environment where love can flourish. Hence, Pig men are often willing to compromise and avoid conflicts as much as possible.

Chinese Pig sign natives can accumulate wealth like the literal piggy bank

Best Matches

Male Pig + Female Rabbit/Cat enjoy harmony and deeply appreciate the comforts of home and family life. Rabbit women are known for their gentle and nurturing nature, which complements the kind and caring traits of Pig men.

Male Pig + Female Tiger can balance each other out. Tiger women are often intense and independent, which can provide an interesting dynamic with Pig men – the latter's calmness and stability complementing the former's energy and determination.

Male Pig + Female Rooster have good compatibility due to their complementary personalities, mutual support, shared work ethic, and appreciation of home and family. Roosters' practicality balances the Pig's easygoing nature, while Pigs offer emotional support to Roosters. 

Bad Matches

Male Pig + Female Snake's communication styles and relationship approaches can create challenges. Snakes are often seen as independent and private individuals, which can clash with the Pig's desire for closeness and emotional connection. 

Male Pig + Female Dragon can have lots of power struggles and clashes of ego. Dragons are known for their strong personalities and desire for leadership. Their assertiveness and ambition may overshadow the Pig's gentler nature. 

Male Pig + Female Ox are both reliable and hardworking. However, the Ox's practicality and sometimes stubborn nature may clash with the Pig's more flexible and adaptable approach to life. 

Female Pig in Love

Pig Women are highly affectionate and caring towards their partner. They show their love through acts of kindness, gestures of support, and deep emotional connection. Their sensitivity and empathy become more pronounced as they strive to understand their partner's emotions and needs. They seek harmony and avoid conflicts in their relationships. Pig women are often adaptable, willing to accommodate their partner's preferences, and find peaceful resolutions to disagreements.

Best Matches

Female Pig + Male Horse share a love for adventure and freedom. They appreciate each other's independent nature and can bring excitement and enthusiasm to the relationship. The Horse's energy and the Pig's nurturing qualities can create a dynamic and passionate partnership.

Female Pig + Male Sheep/Goat are often seen as a harmonious match. Both signs value emotional connections and have a caring and compassionate nature. They understand and support each other's need for security and comfort. The gentle and peaceful Sheep complements the Pig's nurturing personality, fostering a loving and harmonious relationship.

Female Pig + Male Dog are both loyal and have compatible values. The Dog's protective nature resonates well with the Pig's caring qualities. They can create a stable, devoted partnership built on trust and emotional support.

Bad Matches

Female Pig + Male Monkey have different priorities and communication styles. Monkeys are often seen as lively, mischievous, and unpredictable. Their energetic and playful nature may clash with the Pig's calm, easygoing demeanor. 

Female Pig + Male Rooster approach communication and challenges in different ways. The Rooster's focus on efficiency and perfection may not align well with the Pig's more relaxed and flexible approach to life. The Rooster's critical nature can sometimes undermine the Pig's self-confidence. 

Love Compatibility in Marriage

When Pig sign natives settle down, get married, and have children, they take their role as a spouse and parent seriously, assuming responsibility for the well-being and happiness of their family. They become protective of their partner and children, ensuring their safety and providing a sense of security. Both Male and Female Pig sign natives actively participate in parenting tasks, providing emotional support, guidance, and encouragement. Their dedication to their family strengthens as they prioritize it above other aspects of life. Pigs strive to create a structured and predictable environment for their loved ones, emphasize the importance of family traditions and values, and pass down cultural and moral values to their children, instilling a sense of identity, respect, and integrity.

Lucky Signs for People Born in Pig Year

For individuals born under the Pig sign, there are several lucky things associated with their zodiac sign:

A hyndrangea-shaped brooch with rubies will make a great talisman for Chinese Pig sign people
  • Lucky colors: yellow and gold, gray and brown. Yellow and gold symbolize wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. They are believed to attract positive energies and bring financial abundance. Gray and brown represent stability, grounding, and practicality. They are associated with a sense of security and can help create a stable and balanced atmosphere.
  • Lucky flowers: hydrangeas and daisies. The hydrangea flower is believed to bring abundance, gratitude, and heartfelt emotions. Daisies bring a sense of freshness and positive energy.
  • Lucky directions: east and southwest. The East direction symbolizes the rising sun, new opportunities, and growth. The Southwest direction enhances love, relationships, and family harmony.
  • Year of the Pig lucky numbers: 2, 5, and 8. The number 2 represents harmony, balance, and cooperation. The number 5 stands for exploration, change, and adaptability. The number 8 is considered highly auspicious, as it is associated with financial success, material gain, and good fortune. 
  • Lucky gemstone: ruby. Associated with passion, vitality, and good luck, it is believed to enhance wealth, success, and courage for Pig sign individuals. 

Famous People: Pig Zodiac Eminent Personalities

Alfred Hitchcock (1899), one of the greatest filmmakers in history who directed iconic suspense and thriller movies such as "Psycho," "Vertigo," and "Rear Window." 

Lucille Ball (1911), a renowned actress and comedian who starred in the television series "I Love Lucy" and was also the first woman to run a major television studio, Desilu Productions.

Henry Kissinger (1923), a German-born American statesman, diplomat, and political scientist who became one of the most influential figures in international diplomacy in many decisive moments. 

Elvis Presley (1935), the "King of Rock and Roll," who revolutionized the music industry with his unique style, energetic stage presence, and iconic songs like "Heartbreak Hotel" and "Hound Dog."

Arnold Schwarzenegger (1947), a professional bodybuilder who won multiple Mr. Olympia titles, transitioned into acting in blockbuster films such as the "Terminator" series, and served as the Governor of California.

Israel Kamakawiwoʻole (1959), or IZ, is a renowned Hawaiian musician, singer, and songwriter best known for his beautiful rendition of "Over the Rainbow."

Elon Musk (1971), a visionary entrepreneur and business magnate known for his involvement in several groundbreaking ventures, including the development of renewable energy, advanced transportation systems, and space exploration.

Emily Blunt (1983), a critically acclaimed actress known for her versatile performances in various genres. She has appeared in notable films such as "The Devil Wears Prada," "A Quiet Place," and "Sicario." 

Timothée Chalamet (1995), an American actor who rose to prominence with his role in the critically acclaimed coming-of-age film "Call Me by Your Name" and has since established himself as one of the most promising young actors in the industry.

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