Learn everything about the Celtic astrology right now! Find out what your Tree sign is! Learn about your spirit animals and their symbolism! The dates of birth of the Celtic Zodiac don’t correspond with the dates of birth of the Western astrology, so be attentive when looking for your sign!

Those who were born from July 23 to August 4 belong to the Holly Tree sign. The natives of this Tree sign are usually good leaders and fighters. Overcoming an obstacle to success is the easiest thing for them. They are creative and always quick to come up with an idea that solves an issue they face immediately.

Those who were born from August 5 to August 23 belong to the Hazel Tree sign. The natives of this sign are renowned for their intelligence, maturity, and efficiency. They tend to be very organized. They are usually gifted and quick learners. Their memory is surprisingly good, probably the best of all signs. It is easy for some of the natives to recite long poems by heart: this ability to memorize helps them in life a lot. 

The animals connected with those born during the first period are the cat and the unicorn. The unicorn symbolizes the harmony of good and evil. The animals connected with those born during the second period are the crane and the rainbow salmon. The salmon symbolizes a deep understanding of life.

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