Learn everything about the Celtic astrology right now! Find out what your Tree sign is! Learn about your spirit animals and their symbolism! The dates of birth of the Celtic Zodiac don’t correspond with the dates of birth of the Western astrology, so be attentive when looking for your sign!

Those who were born from May 21 to June 9 belong to the Hawthorn Tree sign. The natives of this sign of the Celtic Zodiac are usually interested in spirituality. Their tendency to over-analyze issues they have to face sometimes makes life difficult for them. They also tend to be good listeners and are always helpful. 

Those who were born from June 10 to June 21 belong to the Oak Tree sign. It is typical of the natives of this Tree sign to be reliable and trustworthy people. They are renowned for their strength of character. They tend to protect those who can’t protect themselves. The natives of the sign are generous and helpful. They have a deep respect for traditions and sometimes tend to be a bit too conservative.

The animals connected with those born during the first period are the bee, the fox, and the owl. The fox is the symbol of intelligence. The animals connected with those born during the second period are the otter, the wren, and the white horse. The white horse is the symbol of purity, protection, spirituality, and freedom.

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