Learn everything about the Celtic astrology right now! Find out what your Tree sign is! Learn about your spirit animals and their symbolism! The dates of birth of the Celtic Zodiac don’t correspond with the dates of birth of the Western astrology, so be attentive when looking for your sign!

Those who were born from March 20 to April 14 belong to the Alder Tree sign of the Celtic Zodiac. The natives of this sign of the Celtic Zodiac are renowned for their fearlessness. They tend to be stubborn and if something doesn’t go their way they know how to change things in their favor. The natives are very mobile and passionate. Their energy is enough for them to be passionate about lots of things at the same time.

Those born from April 15 to April 20 belong to the Willow Tree sign of the Celtic Zodiac. The vivid imagination is the most prominent feature of the natives of this sign. They tend to be creative. A lot of this sign’s natives are poets or writers. Usually, from the very childhood, they tend to make up stories and to daydream. They are also very intuitive. Their sixth sense helps them a lot in their lives. 

The animals connected with those born during the first period are the bear, the fox, and the hawk. The hawk symbolizes the natives’ alertness to any sudden change. The animals connected with those born during the second period are the adder, the hare, and the sea serpent. The sea serpent symbolizes psychological growth, regeneration, and healing.

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