Our lives are generally viewed as a sequence of black and white stripes. The main question is where this borderline at which a white stripe turns into a black one is actually located. However, there are certain omens that mark the start of the down times of our lives. Pick your sign and find out what omens you should pay attention to and what to do not to kickstart a run of bad luck.

You should be very careful when dealing with sharp objects, dear Scorpio, especially when it comes to scissors. Leaving scissors open is a taboo. Playing with scissors is a taboo. Generally associated with bad luck, as far as your sign is concerned, playing with scissors can inflict health issues on you.

If you accidentally drop scissors, don’t rush to pick them up, Scorpion, especially if you have something important scheduled for this day. Ask someone else to do you a favor if you don’t want to ward off luck. In a nutshell, if you are experiencing a run of bad luck, look for a recent scissors accident.

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