We’re all humans, and we all have our vices. How to identify your worst habit and fight it effectively? Stars are ready to come to your help! Select your zodiac sign and get a couple of workable tips for breaking your bad habits at a moment's notice!

You frequently tend to nurse grudges against your closest people, and it’s hard for you to forget and forgive even minor faults. Try to understand that it’s a road to nowhere, as it brings more pain to others than you can imagine. Besides, it pushes love, trust, and happiness out of even the tenderest relationship.

If you want to break out of this vicious circle, you need to practice self-care more often. Make it a rule to get relaxing massages monthly or even more often; keep a diary and write down all the positive thoughts and emotions you experience; communicate with small kids more to learn from them how cheerful the world around can be.

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