April’s Numerology

Explore the Significance of the Number 4

4 is an extremely powerful number, and, as you know, the 4th month has just begun. What does it mean numerologically? Does this number affect our lives? Is this number unlucky? Read on to learn more about the number 4’s energy, meaning, Tarot card, and Zodiac sign!



Why is it important?




Numbers have a huge influence on many spheres of our lives, including career, love, and spirituality. Numerology can help us understand the world – and ourselves – a bit better.

The first 9 numbers are called Cardinal Numbers. 4 is one of them, and its energy is of great importance.

There are many related concepts that are based on the number 4: for example, 4 elements (fire, water, air, earth), 4 directions (east, west, south, north), 4 seasons (winter, spring, summer, autumn), 4 moon phases (crescent, gibbous, waxing, washing).


4’s Energy




If we look closely at the Cardinal Numbers, 4 stands out due to its powerful vibes of stability, security, obedience, productivity, patience, and practicality. It is the Foundation Builder of numerology.

4 reflects a goal-oriented frequency and sometimes includes some aspects of control and restriction of freedom. It is associated with sacrificing everything to achieve your goal. Cutting corners is a foreign concept for this number’s energy.

The number’s energy is not exactly social but it is strongly associated with internal thought being manifested into the outside in the most practical way. 4’s essence is all about being able to undertake challenging tasks quickly and efficiently, but creativity is not a part of the number’s energy – its vibes are traditional and conventional.

The number encompasses the energy of building long-lasting foundations. Its energy is not afraid of obstacles on its way: it makes strides towards the goal using their intelligence and mental strength.


4’s Zodiac Sign




Because Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac, this star sign is deeply connected to this powerful number.

Cancer is considered to be the Nurturer of the Zodiac, as it is ruled by the feminine Moon. The symbol of the sign – the Crab – represents the characteristics of Cancer. It has a tough exterior but holds a sensitive interior. 


Cancerians are natural detectives and are very attentive to details but often their emotions take control over them. This star sign is all about the balance between strength and weakness.


4’s Tarot Card




The fourth card of the Major Arcana is the Emperor. This card is considered to be the provider and protector; this is some kind of the father figure of the Tarot. He sits on the throne made of stone which symbolizes sturdiness. The Emperor assures security to the people around him and uses his personal experience to give advice. He’s the leader. He knows how to create order out of chaos and devises the ultimate plan of action.


What it means



Numerology tells you that the universe is on your side. Some obstacles may appear on your way this month but you will be able to overcome them. Be careful, avoid risks, and put the necessary preparation for your plans and goals.


Interesting Facts


  • The Pythagoreans considered 4 to be the absolute perfect number.
  • The Japanese consider this number to be extremely unlucky because it is pronounced similarly to the word ‘death’.
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