10 Principles of Each Zodiac Sign

If you had a slogan, what would it be, based on your sign? Below you'll find ten ideas!

By Tassie Zingaro

Published: Apr 26, 2023

Please enjoy, and don't take your principles to heart – they are just for fun!


  1. Don't tell me what to do—I'll do the exact opposite.
  2. Sleep interferes with brainwork.
  3. Nothing should take too long. 
  4. Don't ask me to open up to you. We only met four years ago.
  5. Always view the world with a sense of wonder.
  6. If you have an ugly side to your personality, it ruins your overall beauty.
  7. Going from total bliss to an I-want-to-punch-everyone attitude sometimes takes 2 seconds.
  8. The key to failure is trying to please everybody.
  9. Multitasking rules! *freaks out and chills simultaneously.
  10. You won't change my mind, I'll change yours.

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  1. Family always comes first.
  2. Wanna make me feel loved? Cook something delicious!
  3. You are either on my side or out of my life.
  4. Never delete screenshots. 
  5. Don't think I'm selfish. I'm just stating my opinion.
  6. Curiosity killed a cat, but I'm not a cat.
  7. My standards are high, and my middle finger – even higher.
  8. No rules are as good as the ones I make.
  9. If it doesn't make sense, I'm not doing it.
  10. I don't need your help figuring it out. I'll freak out first, though.

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Gemini constellation
Image Source: pixabay.com
  1. I speak faster than I think.
  2. I can't live without you, but I'll never admit that.
  3. "I don't remember" in Gemini means "I don't want to discuss it."
  4. Happiness is my ultimate goal.
  5. A couple of seconds is enough to get disappointed in someone forever.
  6. I'd like to thank everyone who came into my life and made it better. Also, those who made it even better by staying out of it. 
  7. One rose could be a garden. One person could be your whole life.
  8. Losing the ability to make jokes is the worst.
  9. Nobody is allowed to touch my things or invade my privacy!
  10. Actions speak louder than words.


  1. No, I'm not offended, we're cool. *Plans elaborate revenge even when asleep.
  2. I have 99 problems, but I can't remember any of them.
  3. My glass is often half-empty.
  4. My family can't do a thing without me!
  5. Oh, the good old days…
  6. I might look shy, but I won't hesitate to say everything to your face.
  7. Am I lonely? Very. Have I alienated everyone? Yes, I have.
  8. Don't you ever call me a whiner!
  9. Oh, let's not talk about me. What have YOU been up to?
  10. This conversation has worn me out. In fact, any conversation does that.


  1. Narcissistic or suffering from low self-esteem? Only I am allowed to know.
  2. Don't try to butter me up. I have a nose for flattery.
  3. You can lie to me, but be sure I'll lie back to you.
  4. I do not get attached to people. *Falls for kindness, obsesses, plans a wedding. 
  5. I might look tough, but I'm really a softy.
  6. Don't worry, I've already forgotten about that (not really).
  7. Love this song! Will listen to it on repeat until I hate it.
  8. I told you this would happen.
  9. Will you hug me?
  10. Will I regret saying that? I sure will. Will I still say it? Heck yes!

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  1. My house is only clean if it's me who does the cleaning. But thanks a lot for not helping me. Again.
  2. That doesn't look clean.
  3. You have 2 to 3 business days to win me over. Then I'll get bored and move on.
  4. Pick up calls? No, thank you. I don't even text back.
  5. I am a professional overthinker. Even when asleep, I keep overthinking problems in my dreams.
  6. Love this song! I've listened to it 14,258,452 times already. Today!
  7. Wanna hold hands?
  8. Need advice? Ask me, not Gemini!
  9. I am the detective of the zodiac.
  10. If I had a dollar for every time I was worrying, I would be living on my own island now.


Libra constellation
Image Source: pixabay.com
  1. Oh, it's 3 am already!
  2. I miss the good old times!
  3. I am not indecisive, I'm careful!
  4. Don't talk s*** behind my back, I'll know. How? Doesn't matter, but I will.
  5. I love caring about others, but I would love to get some of that love back. I'll never tell you about it, though.
  6. What red flags? I can't see any…
  7. My home and my thoughts are chaotic. And I don't mean organized chaos.
  8. Everything I do is last-minute.
  9. I'm so sorry your terrible behavior made me lose my temper. 
  10. I'll always be there for you.

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  1. You can borrow my things, but you can't keep them.
  2. Don't take my trust for granted.
  3. I won't care what you think unless I care about you.
  4. I might seem tough, but an emotional commercial will make me cry.
  5. I'll keep on smiling even if I'm deeply hurt.
  6. I love hearing what people say about me because I don't know who I really am.
  7. Oh, that's so cute, I'm gonna throw up.
  8. No, no, no, I can't leave in ten, I'm not going anywhere without having some coffee first.
  9. Wow, you've tolerated me and my temper for almost a month, I love you!
  10. Is it ridiculous? Yes. Will I get offended by it? Yes also.


  1. Don't try to control me or my life.
  2. I'm at my best when I can work alone.
  3. I hate it when nothing is going on.
  4. Oh, please, stop paying compliments to me! I'm blushing!
  5. Sarcasm level: God.
  6. Wish I could go to bed and sleep for a year!
  7. No, I'm not cold, I'm eating ice cream, see? *teeth chattering
  8. You might not like my choice of clothing.
  9. I'll do my best to fit in, I can even change myself a lot.
  10. Did I understand everything you just said? Absolutely not. Will I tell you about it? Absolutely not. 


Capricorn constellation
Image Source: pixabay.com
  1. I wonder what other people think about me.
  2. Nobody messes with my friends and family!
  3. You shouldn't have done that! (I should have done it first!)
  4. I always have my eyes on the prize. 
  5. OMG, why did I say that? *obsesses over a commentary from three years ago.
  6. I just love that I am always right!
  7. Have you ever scratched your leg with a pen while wearing white pants? I have.
  8. I'll email you a 1,000-word essay about why and how exactly I don't care about you.
  9. Wow, I can actually fall in love! That's… unexpected.
  10. I can see through you.


  1. Always be real.
  2. I'm not good with apologies.
  3. Whatever you do, do it with all your heart, or don't even start.
  4. I'm not naive. I know exactly what's going on. I just don't care.
  5. Stay calm and collected when life gets complicated.
  6. I'm in control of my emotions. *self-isolates when sad, gets angry over nothing.
  7. I'll decide on how I treat you after I see how you treat me.
  8. Never sulk or complain. Positive thinking rules!
  9. If I have ever cared for you, I still do.
  10. You can do crazy things if your intentions are good.


  1. Thank God for music!
  2. Aah, there's nothing like a good cry alone after convincing everyone I'm okay!
  3. Intuition and first impressions are never wrong.
  4. If you hurt me, prepare to apologize or be out of my life forever.
  5. You can't give me 50% when I'm giving you 100%. 
  6. I don't like what everyone else is doing.
  7. I don't procrastinate. I'm waiting until I become older and, therefore, wiser.
  8. I don't need other people's drama. *watches the neighbors argue through the curtains.
  9. I wonder if I don't know or don't care.
  10. Life is too short to sleep through the night! *sleeps till 5 pm after being up all night

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