Weekly Horoscope

While the weekend's Full Moon may have put pressure on you and your relationships, both sides will enjoy the benefits this week. At some point during your birthday month, the Sun will always be confronted by a Full Moon, which always falls in your relationship sector. This is something that both sides need.

Halfway between the Sun's last visit to your relationship sector and the next and with little focus on your relationships, this Full Moon is able to make up for that. At the same time, the Full Moon makes sure that you don't move into your new solar year on autopilot, that you have at least some wakeup calls. With Mars in his first full week in your communication sector, he is on hand to turn any tension over the weekend into an opportunity for a breakthrough. At the same time, with the Sun and Mercury leaving Taurus on Tuesday, you've had the wakeup calls needed to make the final days of your old solar year count.

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