Weekly Horoscope

The Moon not only returns to Taurus in the early hours of the week, but to begin building towards a Full Moon nearly 48 hours later. This is the Full Moon that marks the halfway point in any solar year and as this will always fall when the Sun is in your relationship sector, this is the clash between your personal and relationship needs that both sides of the fence need.

This is the 'what about me' Full Moon, when your own needs rise up and ask to be heard. What makes the timing of this Full Moon auspicious is that just as the Full Moon is building, a rare Mercury eclipse is playing out, with the planet of communication crossing the face of the Sun. This won't happen again for another 13 years but gives Mercury a huge amount of power. Just as personal and/or relationship tension might be rising, in retrograde motion Mercury jumps in front to give your relationships, the past and unsaid words a voice.

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