Weekly Horoscope

There is a chance that you could still be reeling from the weekend's Full Moon in Scorpio or simply adjusting to the surge in power and shift in focus this has created. This was the Full Moon that marks the halfway point in each solar year and as it always falls while the Sun is in your relationship sector, is the 'what about me' Full Moon.

At a point in the year when the focus is on your relationships and there is rarely any planetary activity in Scorpio, the Full Moon demands that your voice is heard. If this created any personal and/or relationship tension, you not only have Mercury, the planet of communication in your relationship sector until Tuesday, but the Moon returning to your communication sector to take over from where he leaves off. This creates an opportunity for a breakthrough. Yet this has unleashed a mix of passionate, playful and adventurous forces that don't come with an 'off' switch.

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