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Jupiter's departure from Scorpio last week has opened major new doors, with the future spread out in front of you. However, this has also allowed you to pull back and this week focus more on the last full week of your birthday month. This should be the point where you're ready to finalise your game plan, intentions and resolutions for the coming year, especially after last week's New Moon has already drawn a new line in the sand.

However when Venus turns direct in a nostalgic part of your chart on Friday and Mercury turns retrograde in your income sector on Saturday, they will both make U turns that will see them return to Scorpio early next month. This will give both heart and mind a second say in defining your expectations for the coming year, with your heart in particular due to have the last say. In the meantime, there are exciting developments across the income and job fronts to be embraced and by the weekend on the fun, playful, romantic and creative front as well.

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