Weekly Horoscope

While the intensity of the weekend's eclipsing Full Moon in your financial sector is gone, on the other side there is a chance to enjoy the benefits. This was the Moon's first visit for the year and as well as clashing with the Sun in your income sector, this was a clash with all six planets there.

On the other side, starting the week with five of those planets in your income sector aligned and with Uranus' direct turn over the weekend having given work and job matters the green light, any financial tension will be turning into motivation. While you already had the means to take your power back, especially on the income and job fronts, this has provided the motivation. However, this week is not just about having your money and work hats on, with the week beginning with playful, adventurous and passionate forces aligned. Life is opening up in a vibrant and exciting way but there are opportunities opening up across the income, work and career fronts. You really can have it all.

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