Weekly Horoscope

Mars' departure from Sagittarius over the weekend has brought all planetary activity to a close until later in the year and that will have a huge impact. With over three years of near continuous planetary activity, it is only when the pressure is gone that you'll realise it was there in the first place. For any planet to move through Sagittarius brings you to the start of a new cycle and after over three years you will be getting tired of always being at the starting line.

Yet Mars' return to your income sector over the weekend has had major implications there and there are even clues this week to professional implications as well. It is the Moon's visit to your work sector from Tuesday to Thursday, the last before Venus' return next week that will bring clues of major developments ahead there as well. Yet as the Sun joins the four planets already in a playful part of your chart on Wednesday, there is still a balance between work and play.

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