Weekly Horoscope

This week is dominated by two auspicious alignments, each creating opportunities and a lot of confidence, but in completely different ways. So much so that from the get go, work/life balance will need to be a priority. The first alignment begins on Monday and runs for the majority of the week and is between Ceres, in her last full week in an adventurous and the North Node, in a playful part of your chart. This will be kept alive by the playful lunar vibes that come into effect over the weekend.

Yet by then an even more powerful alignment between Mars in your income and Venus in your career sector, their first here in 30 years, will be underway. And it will still be underway during a total lunar eclipse on the job front early next week. Sometimes there can be too much of a good thing, but that is not the case this week. Having to find a balance between work and play is a problem the rest of us would love to have.

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