Weekly Horoscope

After the weekend's New Moon in Pisces, you're ready to bring your birthday month to a close as you commit to your new solar year, the future and the journey ahead. Yet until the Sun leaves Pisces on Wednesday he has one important mission and that is to make his last alignment with Chiron, planet of healing here for another four decades count.

The Sun will spend his final days aligned with Chiron, turning the focus onto laying old ghosts to rest. Neptune, planet of dreams and your ruling planet is in Pisces until 2026, but won't be on his own until the end of next month. Chiron has been here since 2010, making it hard to move on because of an ongoing need to confront old ghosts. Yet with Chiron finally leaving next month, the Sun's alignment in the final days of your birthday month is a chance to lay old ghosts to rest or at least get them out in the open, where they can't survive.

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