Weekly Horoscope

Sometimes when you have a lot of diversity or a lot of different areas of your chart all becoming active at the same time, apart from making life a lot more interesting, it can create competition or conflict. When that happens, different areas of your life are competing with each other and there can be stress. This is not the case this week and if anything, there is harmony.

You will see this in a surge in activity on the communication front, just as relationship matters are starting to run more smoothly. At the same time, while Venus' return to your work sector is having a positive impact across the income, work and career fronts, this does not mean that life is about to become all work and no play. Not only are the forces on all three fronts playing a long game, with Mercury in his first full week in a playful part of your chart and the Sun returning on Tuesday, this will create a natural balance. A New Moon here over the weekend will be a chance to embrace the weekend spirit.

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