Weekly Horoscope

While this week's lunar eclipse is the unavoidable elephant in the room, this is not the only dynamic in play. There is an easy way to minimise the impact from this lunar eclipse or even make it a non event, simply by taking work/life balance seriously from the get go. As the Sun and Venus spend their last full week in your career sector, take the eclipse out of the picture and you have a stunning week.

By Thursday Venus will be at a friendly aspect to Neptune in your work sector, with the Moon returning there just a day after Mercury retrogrades back into your work sector on Friday. This is an exciting week across the income, work and career fronts. However, even before the Moon returns to your home and family sector on Monday ahead of the lunar eclipse less than 48 hours later, there is already competition between your home and professional lives. Choose to see work/life balance as an advantage and not a challenge.

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