Weekly Horoscope

While there has been a definite turnaround on the job front and the pace, though still fairly slow will pick up, this makes this the perfect week to address any work/life balance issues. You begin the week with a combination of forces underway that on the one hand creates a challenge, while at the same time providing the solution. The challenge is coming from the fact that the week begins with an opposition between Venus on the home and Uranus on the career front underway.

This is a continuation of what Mercury began last week, creating the potential for work/life balance tension. However, with the pace picking up on the job front the timing couldn't be better. Yet is happening at the same time that turns this into its own solution, are the playful and adventurous conditions in play at the start of the week. The week not only begins with an adventurous Full Moon underway but with the Moon at a friendly aspect to Jupiter in a playful part of your chart.

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