Weekly Horoscope

Despite the fact that the week not only starts with adventurous lunar vibes in play but the Sun will join the four planets already there on Wednesday, life has become a lot busier. And there are signs that this is just the start of a major professional resurgence. It began with Mars' return to your work sector over the weekend, something that will always kick off the busiest six weeks in any two year period. Yet Mars has returned to team up with both Pluto and Saturn, for the first time in our lifetime.

Just as Mars is settling in the Moon will move through your career sector from Tuesday to Thursday, ahead of Venus' return next week. With your professional instincts sharp there will be clues to major career developments ahead as well. With Mars gone from a playful part of your chart over the weekend and adventurous forces only in play for the next two months, all of a sudden a balance between work and play is serious business.

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