Weekly Horoscope

Starting the week with the Moon in Leo will prove to be a mixed blessing, yet even the downside is not only a small price to pay, but value for money. It is the Moon's opposition with Venus on Monday, just as the planet of love moves into her last full week in your relationship sector, that could create some personal and/or relationship tension. Yet even though the Moon is supported by playful and adventurous forces, the real gift will come later in the week.

For this is a chance to flush any issues out in the open, not just while the planet of love is on hand to use this to get a better sense of what you and your relationships need. When the Moon leaves Leo on Tuesday any tensions will dial back, but just two days later and just 14 minutes after returning to your communication sector, as a Full Moon this will create the potential for a breakthrough. In the meantime, this is a stunning week across the income, work and career fronts.

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