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While August is the month when we fully emerge from the two most challenging months of 2019, this is the week when the transition begins and it is all because of the Sun, your ruling planet. It is the Sun's departure from Cancer and return to Leo on Tuesday that is always one of the most important moments of any year for you, in one fell swoop bringing and old solar year to a close, while opening the doors to your birthday month and new solar year.

What makes the difference this year is the contrast between the two. The last month of your old solar year has been particularly tough, not just on you but on all of us, with any planet moving through Cancer under pressure. This makes what the Sun finds when it returns to Leo on Tuesday so stunning. Where there have been roadblocks, from the very first moments of your birthday month and new solar year there is an abundance of support, especially from playful and adventurous forces.

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