Weekly Horoscope

If you weren't already aware of a need for work/life balance or smart time management, you will be by the end of this week. This is the kind of week the bards of old were referring to when they spoke of it never raining but it pours. For what you have this week are exciting developments raining down on you from all directions. This is an important professional week, with the Moon returning to your career sector during the Sun's final days in your work sector.

The Moon is here midweek and as well as ensuring your professional instincts and imagination are fuelled during an important week on the job front, there will be clues to career developments ahead in their own right. Yet this is not only a week where there are some playful and adventurous forces in play, but when they literally join forces. And on both fronts, the message is, 'we are here to stay'.

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