Weekly Horoscope

A combination of Jupiter's direct turn in your work sector last week and a solar eclipse in your income sector two days later, has changed the dynamics of both your financial and professional years. Jupiter might be still at a standstill and there might be no evidence of forward movement on the job front yet, but there is no longer anything holding you back. The pace will pick up over the coming weeks and months, with massive potential for job growth ahead.

In his last full week in your income sector, the Sun's focus is on giving that job growth a lucrative sense of direction, before the pace picks up. There is also a chance to regroup on a number of fronts this week. With last week's solar eclipse over and a total lunar eclipse not falling until later next week, even last week's tensions are dialling back. As income and job matters move forward, Mars is bringing a sense of adventure and nostalgia together.

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