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From the moment you move into the new week you are preparing for an event in the final hours of the week. Not just any event, but the Sun's return to Aquarius and the start of your birthday month and new solar year, something that you already have a head start on, whether you realise it or not. It was the six months that Mars spent in Aquarius last year and the 18 months that the South Node had spent here before they both left in November, that has both cleared the way and planted seeds for new beginnings.

Until then, the focus is more on the wind down of your old solar year, but with a lot less urgency than you might expect. While the Sun will leave a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart and return to Aquarius on Sunday and Mercury will follow next week, a need for time to reflect will continue. In fact, the lines between the past, present and future will remain blurred all year.

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