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He's back. After retrograding out of Aquarius last month, Mars' direct turn has brought him back for a rare do over. In all Mars was gone for 29 days, but what a difference those 29 days have made. When Mars returned last week he was not only back in direct motion, but the roadblocks, challenges and push back, from relationship forces in particular, were gone. No longer in retrograde motion a lot of those frustrations and feelings of being stuck are gone as well, though still in his early weeks in direct motion, Mars is still not yet up to full speed.

Fortunately, with Mars not leaving until mid November, you have plenty of time. The Moon's return to Aquarius on Thursday both add to Mars' passions and fighting spirit and give you a better read on what his return is inspiring. In the second half of the week, let your emotional and passionate responses take the lead.

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