EverydayHoroscopes September 22, 2019 1:00 AM
The Sun will start its movement through your 7th House of Partnership on September 23 forcing you to finally grasp the meaning of the proverb “a problem shared is a problem halved”. Take a look at your to-do list, fiery Aries, and identify those items that can be fulfilled faster by establishing a collaborative environment. This is true not only for your goals at work but also when it comes to home responsibilities, car repairs, etc. Dear Aries, try to tame your impulsive nature and the result of your collaborative work will surprise you. With the Moon in your 4th House of Home Life and Neptune in your 12th House of Spirituality on September 23, spend this day with your loved ones.
September 27 will make you irresistible to the opposite sex, and you, dear Taurus, will be totally aware of your increased magnetism. The Moon in your 5th House of Romance will be square to Jupiter in your 8th House of Sexual Intimacy, so dive into those moments of care and love that will definitely strengthen your relationship. The Moon will enter your 6th House of Health on September 28 to raise your concerns about your health. Your focus should be on medical procedures that will be of aesthetical (e.g. professional skin treatments) or emotional (e.g. aromatherapy massage and reflexology) benefit to you.
The Sun will be moving through your 5th House of Romance from September 23 to October 23 to awaken your inner child. Activities that will make you feel like a carefree child are what you really need. Don’t be hard on yourself, dear Gemini, it’s not about you becoming less initiative and hardworking; it’s about the Sun influencing you so much that you’d better not take on more responsibility in any sphere of life. Instead, come up with a few fun activities to make your weekend with your partner fantastic. On September 25, the Moon in your 3rd House of Communication will form a trine to Jupiter in your 7th House of Partnership making you open up your heart to your significant other about what is bothering you.
On September 23, when the powerful and emotional Moon in Cancer forms a trine to dreamy Neptune in your ninth House of Adventure – this means you may find yourself thinking about and actually planning a long-distance trip to an exotic country where you can meet your potential lover or share a breathtaking experience with your current partner. On September 28, when the New Moon enters your fourth House of Family, you will probably want to spend more time at home with your loved ones. You will find yourself feeling meditative, thinking about your current relationships and activities that can boost your sense of security.
This week you will surely notice a sudden uptick in the volume of texts and invites – this will happen because of the sun’s confident moves through your thirdHhouse of Communication from September 23 to October 23. A lot of talking is ahead! Be ready to be torn between the urge of actually using your social butterfly skills and being a bit overwhelmed by all these social events. You may want to crawl into your cave and contemplate what is going on around you. Just make sure not to accept too much invites you receive. Don’t strike the balance! On September 25, the moon forms a trine to Jupiter in your fifth House of Romance. The planets will send some special vibes your way – and they will help you create a couple of sweet memories.
Virgo native, you may find yourself to be inclined to tackle an important undertaking with your loved ones on September 27 when the moon in Virgo forms a square to Jupiter in your fourth House of Home and Family. You will probably want to plan a huge family party or some other kind of social event connected with your family and close friends, but you may attempt to take on too much in a short period of time. Make sure to strive for a more measured approach. On September 28, the new moon enters your second House of Income – it will provide an ideal opportunity to brainstorm new ways of making cash.
Libra, the confident sun moves through your sign from September 23 to October 23, creating a huge burst of energy and confidence. You may find yourself wanting to do literally everything (because the sun will make you feel like the most confident person alive) – from eating cleaner and starting a more challenging workout to learning a new language – you should focus more on the things you are most passionate about. On September 28, when the moon enters your sign, you will turn your focus to your work. You may need the support of your loved ones, though, – so make sure to explain how important your work and their support are to you.
You’ll be feeling especially confident, fortunate, and energetic this week due to the emotional moon in your House of Career forms a trine to lucky Jupiter. This can translate to a winning presentation when it comes to your work – getting a promotion is possible. On September 28, when the moon enters your twelfth House of Spirituality, you may find yourself wanting to take a step back from the daily grind to reflect on your actual needs. You will spend some time reassessing your goals. Allow yourself to do this analysis – this moment is about exploring your inner self and deciding what you should do next. Just wait a bit – and you’ll know how to proceed.
The confident sun moves through your eleventh House of Networking from September 23 to October 23, making you want to gravitate to group projects and create a couple of surprisingly creative ideas together with your friends or co-workers. Collaborating with others makes your creativity and imagination stronger and more vivid than ever. You may feel there are no limits to what you can achieve if you use your imagination in earnest. This week the moon in your eighth House of Sexual intimacy forms a trine to Neptune making you daydream about love and bonding. Why not make these dreams come true, Sagittarian? This week it is possible!
On September 23, the emotional moon in your seventh House of Partnership forms a trine to Neptune in your third House of Communication, urging you to upgrade your closest relationships. Make sure to spend more time with your friends and loved ones, share ideas, and allow yourself to get carried away creatively as you exchange thoughts – this may take your connection to the next level. Around September 28, when the new moon enters your tenth House of Career, you will be able to upgrade your existing professional path. Spend some time mapping your next steps and checking in with your sixth sense to make sure you’re moving in the right direction.
Aquarian, on September 23, when the sensitive and emotional moon in the sixth House of Home and Daily Routine forms a trine to mystical Neptune in your House of Finances and Income, you may find yourself daydreaming about changing your career path or pursuing a dream venture. Make sure to allow yourself to be playful and creative and write down your plan – it may be not as crazy and unachievable as you thought. Around September 28, when the moon is in your ninth House of Education, you will want to hone your skills. Focus on the talents you are most passionate about and take a step in whatever direction allows you to develop them further.
Piscean, you will do well to find time to bolster your emotional and physical bond with your current significant other or your potential partner due to the confident sun moving through your eighth House of Sexual intimacy from September 23 to October 23. You are craving this kind of deep connection-building right now and your confidence makes it more possible for you to get what you want. On September 25, the emotional new moon and lucky Jupiter affect your House of Career, bumping up your desire to take on more responsibilities and start a bigger project. And your creativity and enthusiasm will surely be noted by higher-ups.