EverydayHoroscopes August 25, 2019 2:00 PM
On August 28, the Mars-Uranus trine will urge you to make bold decisions, Aries. This powerful energy is sometimes hard to control so you may end up with prompt and, hence, not-at-all well-reasoned decisions. In other words, though this day is good for risk-taking, you should be clear about your hopes and have a backup plan. Rely on your instincts, Aries, because this day may present you with a bunch of career opportunities. The New Moon will enter Virgo on August 30. Time to kickstart a healthy change in your life. What it will be is up to you to decide.
You will radiate love wherever you go, Taurus. On August 26-28, a perfect Venus-Uranus trine in your sign will urge you to express love, to be loved, and to give love. The New Moon will join these romantic planets in the same sector of intimate relationships on August 30. Love is in the air for you, Taurus. So use this planetary position to your advantage. It's never been easier for you to ignite passion in your relationship. A Sun-Uranus trine will occur on August 29. Some useful and exciting insight into the personality traits of people around you is expected.
Mercury will enter pragmatic Virgo on August 29, so it is highly likely that you will participate in some important talks, hold a conference or negotiations in your nearest future. The Stars recommend you to make time for preparation, Gemini. Your keywords for this week are imagination, creativeness, and networking. Communicative Mercury will assist you and boost your negotiation skills. However, should you rely on the planetary energy only, you are likely to deal with inconvenient questions.
On August 23, the powerful Sun will enter Virgo bringing fun to your family life. Therefore, the end of the month is a perfect time for spending some quality time with your children or your spouse. How about painting a mural on the entire wall of your bedroom or something less extreme like cooking a family meal together? The Stars will also increase your eroticism and deepen your desire. Time to spice things up, Cancer! Get ready to unleash your inner passion and experiment sexually because there are so many things you should try out in bed with your partner.
Venus that is currently in your income sector will present you with an opportunity to improve your financial situation on August 26. On August 29, the powerful Sun-Uranus trine will boost your intuition. Pay attention to the signs around you because the Universe is likely to deliver an important message about your future, Leo. The second pillar of your success is your expertise, so be sure to rely on your knowledge when it comes to making decisions. The New Moon on August 30 will take the lead and continue further improving your financial status, Leo.
Your season has kicked off on August 23, Virgo. It's finally time to bring order to every sphere of life. The Stars urge you to unleash your true self and enjoy getting rid of everything that prevents you from moving on. However, the Stars remind you that clutter can be of two types - material and emotional. Time to free yourself from everything that takes up space in your life and your energy. A New Moon will enter your sign on August 30 to present you with a lovely opportunity to make a few tiny changes in your life to make it more enjoyable.
Starting on August 29, a Sun-Uranus trine will highlight your sign's thirst for self-analysis. Time to explore your guilty pleasures and hidden desires and work on your strength, Libra. The idea you should grasp is that there is only one person in the world who knows every inch of you, inside and out. This is yourself, dear Libra. So time to tune in to your body and get in touch with your soul. Your intuition will thrive. The trick is to never stop listening to it. Your keywords of the end of August are self-discovery, dreams, goals achieved, peace.
On August 23, the radiant Sun will enter rigid and pragmatic Virgo. Freeing yourself from unnecessary things in your life that weigh you down will highlight the week and the month to come. The most important part is that this involves decluttering your soul. Let go of your emotional baggage before it gets too heavy. When it comes to career, the Virgo Sun will make you more organized and focused. Although it will hardly make you enjoy the work routine, you will definitely enjoy the results. Your keywords for the last August week are money, work, and calm.
The Virgo Sun continues sharing its hardworking energy with you. Use it in a way neat Virgo would approve of. Making your house super clean and efficiently organizing your files and folders at work should definitely be on your to-do list. You will enjoy the results of the hard work you typically canu2019t stand, Sagittarius. Your keywords for the end of August are growth, career boost, confidence, and tidy space. If you find a way to use each of them to your advantage and manifest what you truly desire, the Virgo season will bring blessings your way.
On August 29, the Sun-Uranus trine will urge you to try something new. You will suddenly become so aware of all those things you have always wanted to try out that you won't be able to resist the temptation to dive into some small adventure. Start small, after all, you are an earth sign, Capricorn, so no rush is welcome. How about tasting some exotic food? You don't need to cross the seven seas to make your life more exciting. Your keywords for the last August week are excitement, romance, hidden talents, and finances.
With Venus in your 8th House of Money, you may see unexpected cash inflow on August 26. You are also likely to feel the urge to spend some quality time with your family. On August 29, the progressive Sun-Uranus trine will make you more creative, so get ready to come up with a few brilliant ideas. Moreover, you will feel like all of a sudden you can move mountains. The magic will start happening if you step out of your comfort zone, so it's time to set big goals, Aquarius. Your keywords for the end of the month are family, money, self-awareness.
Romantic Venus and passionate Mars that remain in your partnership sector will keep your relationship spicy, as never before. When these cosmic lovers meet in your sign, you may want to start experimenting sexually. Mars' masculine energy will also encourage you to launch a new project related to marketing. If you decide to start it together with your partner, it has a good chance of being successful. Your keywords for the end of the month are romance, spicy, business partner, career opportunity, and pleasure.