EverydayHoroscopes August 18, 2019 2:00 PM
The powerful energy of your ruling planet Mars will be tamed by organized Virgo as it will be moving through this sign starting on August 18. Therefore, your ability to take a bulldog grip on anything enhanced by analytical and cool-headed Virgo will make a cyborg out of you. Overtime hours - though unwanted this week, but you will have to say Yes, Aries. On the other hand, this may come along with such bonuses as a career boost or a raise. Mars isnu2019t the only planet to enter Virgo this week. Venus will start moving through the sign on August 21 and will temporarily lose its romantic power. You will feel like the passion has been stolen from your relationship.
Take a pen and make a weekly plan, Taurus. This week, with Mars entering organized Virgo on August 18, your need for a thoroughly structured plan will be acute, as never before. Every single thing that will pop up to break your plans will catch you off guard and, hence, drive you crazy. Put all creative tasks on hold and follow the plan, Taurus. With Venus entering Virgo on August 21, your focus will switch to your finances. You are likely to work out a plan on how to spend money on necessities only and to save more.
Your ruling planet Mercury remains in Cancer making you more sensitive and sympathetic. So jump on the opportunity to fix the relationship thatu2019s falling apart or solve any misunderstandings between you and your friend you might have. You will be able to find the right words to get everything back on track. A Mercury-Jupiter square will occur on August 21 to bring good luck into your life. Pay attention to the signs and listen to your intuition because this day will present you with a great opportunity to change your life.
Communicative Mercury remains in your sign making your words your weapon. If you want something just say it because you will definitely be able to find the right words. No miscommunications are expected this week. Moreover, you will be able to fix someoneu2019s long-ago hurt feelings. Venus will enter Virgo on August 21 kicking off a favorable period for investments. On the other hand, lending money to literally anyone is completely out of the question, so youu2019d better think of a polite way of saying No beforehand.
Mercury that is direct again remains in your sign, Leo. Therefore, you will have a feeling that your life is getting back on track. There is nothing to distract you anymore; no more phones going black or batteries dying for no reason. So, take the bull by its horns because itu2019s time to set new goals, no backups needed! The Sun will move from Leo to Virgo starting on August 23, making you more organized. Keep calm and enjoy the routine brought by the Virgo Sun because you might have got really tired of all that spontaneity the Sun in Leo has brought into your life.
Great news for you, Virgo. Your ruling planet Mercury is direct again and is now in sympathetic Cancer. You can hardly think of a better time to mend a broken friendship, fix your marriage problems, or rescue your relationship. Your loved ones will be able to see your true sincere and open-hearted self. Venus will enter your sign on August 21 to shift your focus from career to love life. However, even in an attempt to show your partner how much he or she means to you, youu2019d rather help him or her around the house than have a romantic dinner. So, how about a piece of jewelry then?
Keep socializing, Libra! Easy-going Mercury continues moving through amiable Cancer making networking easy, as never before. Your disarming smile is your wand so time to put a spell on those around you. By the way, the Stars suggest that you talk through some important issue with your friend not to let it snowball rapidly. Practical Virgo will welcome the Sun in its sign on August 23. This blend of energies will make you more responsible and goal-oriented. Time to stand out at work. It may require that you work harder than everyone else, but this fruit of your hard work will be the sweetest for sure.
With your ruling planet Mars entering Virgo on August 18, time to master the art of throwing unnecessary things away. Though you have never been a hoarder, you may start noticing that you have surrounded yourself with clutter and you are finally ready to get rid of. Moreover, you may also get a bit more critical and judgemental than before. The Sun will join Mars in Virgo on August 23 making you feel an urge to organize your workspace to reclaim your productivity at work. You know the way out, Scorpio. Just get rid of the clutter.
Romantic Venus will enter practical Virgo on August 21. It doesnu2019t mean that your love life is DOA during the transit; however, romantic adventures will definitely yield to practical romance. Looking at the stars together will all of a sudden seem less appealing to you than practical gestures like washing a car or cooking dinner. Detail-oriented Virgo will be hosting the Sun starting on August 23. Though you hate cleaning, during this transit it wonu2019t stress you out. On the contrary, you will actually enjoy working through your home top to bottom and left to right with a duster.
Pushy Mars will enter neat Virgo on August 18 so get ready for a big cleanup. It might be a hard task for you, Capricorn, to throw unnecessary stuff away, but if you canu2019t fix something or havenu2019t used it in the past six to twelve months, then be honest with yourself - you donu2019t need this thing. So either throw it away or if possible donate it to charity. The Sun will join Mars in Virgo on August 23. This is a good time to focus on your health. Virgo approves of those maintaining a healthy lifestyle and sticking to a healthy diet. Just remember that your health is your wealth.
You will continue seeing the effects of Uranus retrograde that started on August 11. The retrograde energy of your ruling planet will make you less creative and eccentric. You may suddenly realize that the world has much more shades of gray than you have noticed before. As a result, you may start feeling lost and unwilling to deal with the real world. The Sun will enter Virgo on August 23 forcing you to get rid of unnecessary things. Keep calm and declutter because if you donu2019t use something, it means you donu2019t need it.
Mercury remains in sensitive Cancer forcing you to remove that tight lid you tend to keep on your emotions. Mercury is here to fight your inner introvert and make it easier for you to express your true emotions and feelings. This is a good time to gather your friends and have a hobnob. On August 21, passionate Venus will transit to rigid Virgo to awaken the practical you. Although we all need some degree of romance in our life, during the transit you will prefer practical gifts to flowers and jewelry.