EverydayHoroscopes August 11, 2019 2:00 PM
The calm before the exciting events that will consequently help you make progress towards achieving your goals has finally come to an end. Jupiter retrograde ended on August 11, and this planet of luck is now moving through your 9th House of Adventure to charge you with energy. No chances that you will be able to slow it all down.
Uranus retrograde that started on August 11 marks the beginning of a new period associated with a big cleanup. During the following five months you get a chance to remove all forms of toxicity - from people to jobs - from your life. While you have enough time yet, enjoy the positive effects of Mercury moving through your 4th House of Family and spend quality time with your loved ones.
On August 16, the Mercury-Uranus square will boost your idea generation skills. Hence, you are likely to end up with a few ideas that will seem less realistic to your upper management than to you. On August 17, you will feel magically romantic and passionate, so jump on a chance to spend a great day with your partner.
Retrograde Jupiter in your 6th House of Health ended on August 11 so time to think your way into good health like sticking to a healthier diet or jogging. On August 15, the sensitive Moon will enter eccentric Aquarius to make you more creative and boost your imagination, so you are likely to start a new promising project at work.
Mercury in your sign wants you to turn your ambitious ideas into life. Itu2019s a perfect time to get your career back on track. However, the wheels may start moving faster than you thought, so eyes on the road, Leo! Your chances of meeting your soulmate or getting a spark back in your relationship will increase closer to the end of the week.
On August 18, fiery Mars will enter your sign to make some mess. So your task is to fight the powerful energy of Mars and keep your goals in sight. Self-discipline is what you will be lacking and what will make you a bit more irritated and frustrated. So try to put all challenging tasks and projects on hold. Double-checking is your word of the week.
On August 12, there will be no room for rest. Although your heart will be somewhere else, you will have to get through all your tasks at work before you can enjoy a cozy evening with your loved ones. This clash of interests will make you feel blue and even a bit depressed. On August 13, the Stars will set the stage for a hobnob to cheer you up.
On August 11, retrograde Uranus entered your 7th House of Partnership so now you are racking your brain with lots of questions about your partner and friends. Who is your true friend? Is your partner your soulmate? Time to figure it all out. However, donu2019t get too impulsive and hypercritical, because to err is human.
Even a small gesture of appreciation can go a long way. With Jupiter in your sign, you will realize how lucky you are that you have all those people around you and who will help you out whenever you need it. This week will mark the beginning of your lucky season. You have a lot on your plate. Bon Appu00e9tit, Sagittarius!
On August 11, communicator Mercury moves to Leo, so itu2019s a good week to be assertive. Your work will run you ragged, but you will reap the benefits very soon. The Stars recommend you to manage your workload wisely and set priorities. Closer to the end of the week, you feel an urge to dive deeper into your relationship.
On August 11, the emotional Moon will enter your sign to make you more sensitive. You may even feel an urge to search for volunteer opportunities or get involved with charity work. Retrograde Uranus will start on August 11, too. Donu2019t start any new projects or arrange meetings during this week since all your efforts are likely to be in vain.
Mercury in Cancer will urge you to spend more time with your friends. All of a sudden you will feel like itu2019s been months since you met them last time. Time to put yourself out there and socialize, Pisces. The end of the week will offer you a relaxing family evening. If something troubles you, with the Aquarius full moon on August 15, you will finally let it all go.