Daily Horoscope


14 August Taurus Daily Horoscope
When we see an impressive rainbow, most of us prefer to stand in awe of it. We don't want somebody to stand next to us and say that all we are witnessing is light reflecting off the inside of water droplets. You know why you're wise to accept and believe something that others may not understand or comprehend. Stick with what feels right to you.
The Moon's departure from Taurus each month will always leave you with your intuition, instincts and imagination fuelled and valuable clues, hunches and insights to process. The difference this time is that Uranus is just two days away from turning retrograde in Taurus and from beginning a review phase. This leaves you with a better sense of where this is already asking that you slow down and where there is still a need to push on. This has also tapped into a sense of adventure that you can more fully embrace over the coming weekend.
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