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26 September Pisces Daily Horoscope
Let's pretend your car breaks down suddenly in a lonely, strange place. That's a frustrating and daunting scenario. Let's also pretend that a little bit further down the road is a mechanic with a garage based next to a lovely restaurant that will provide all the comfort you need while your car is tended to. Before you get worked up about an understandably frustrating situation, you really can trust that support and comfort are not far away or behind.
After five months in Pisces, the dwarf planet Ceres has reached her last full day though with no urgency when it comes to the needs and priorities she returned in April to update. Ceres will only be gone for seven weeks but back in direct motion when she returns but for now leaving dreamy Neptune behind, this is more about putting this on hold. In the meantime, in his last full day in your financial sector, Mercury is giving you a smart head for money but again with no urgency. That is because Mercury will return for a double dip visit as well.
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