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31 July Pisces Daily Horoscope
Anyone who has ever tried to kick a bad habit knows how difficult it can be. We know something is unhelpful or harmful, yet we struggle to free ourselves from it. Willpower can be less accessible or available than we wish it were sometimes, too. If you're aware of a routine or habit that serves no helpful purpose, then you're cosmically supported now to summon the willpower needed to free you from it – if you genuinely want to be freed.
What a difference a few days can make. It was earlier in the week that the Moon, making its monthly visit to Pisces, clashed with Venus in her early days in your relationship sector. This was the Moon's first clash with planets on the relationship front this year and in the planet of love's first full week there, this was the first real clash between your personal and relationship needs. It is a different story today, with the Moon returning to your communication sector just as Mars is spending his first full day in your relationship sector.
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