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28 February Pisces Daily Horoscope
New and intriguing opportunities are linked to new faces appearing in your world. Even if certain people aren't new but those you haven't contacted in ages, they could bring insights or possibilities you'll likely be grateful to receive. But removing yourself from a rut, socially or professionally, means considering and exploring what others believe you bring something unique to. So, hear them out.
Venus has only been in Pisces for two days but on the other side of yesterday's Full Moon, she has already passed the only hurdle she will face. The same is true for the Sun and while there may still be some pressure or strong emotional responses, as the only challenge you will face during your birthday month, this has been the right wakeup call at the right time. You are only 10 days into your birthday month and new solar year and with a New Moon still two weeks away, this has been a timely and necessary hurdle. Ahead lie possibilities waiting to be discovered.
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