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07 August Pisces Daily Horoscope
If you sense you're dealing with circumstances that feel uncomfortably familiar, then that's good news. Seriously, it is. There may have been a time in the past when you first dealt with these that you felt it was necessary to prime or defend yourself. But you're blessed with experience-based wisdom to handle whatever arises now very differently. Dig deep for this knowledge and apply it confidently and proudly.
This has been a loud, busy and at times stressful week, though the latter has dialled back considerably over the last few days. This makes the Moon's monthly visit to Pisces a valuable chance to check in while an alignment with dreamy Neptune is a chance to take a break from overthinking things. This might make it harder to focus but time spent daydreaming will be good for body, mind and soul, even if it is just a few stolen moments here and there. In the meantime, Venus is making home where your heart is today.
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