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05 December Leo Daily Horoscope
Is there something you 'feel in your waters' or what your inner voice urges you to consider? A hunch could be strong. You owe it to yourself to heed what your heart tells you is a reliable assessment of what has appeared vague or volatile. The more you trust what your intuition tells you, the more reassured you'll feel that progress is something you control and aren't at the mercy of.
Life is all about balance and with the final weeks of the year likely to be busy and even more so in the early weeks and months of 2022, today's stars are a chance to balance those scales. As the Sun and Moon separate after yesterday's eclipsing New Moon they continue to draw on support from the dwarf planet Eris, in retrograde motion in an adventurous part of your chart. The Sun, Moon and stars are united in a quest to see you embrace the weekend spirit.
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