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14 August Leo Daily Horoscope
Have you done enough in a particular area? Were you right to focus effort in ways you believed would bring the desired results? Or will you remove the proverbial cake from the oven to discover you haven't created a beautifully-risen masterpiece but something that resembles a deflated football? If your heart tells you that you've pursued something in the right way and honestly, then you can prepare to feel the warm glow of victory.
Apart from leaving you with your professional instincts and imagination fuelled the Moon has left you with a better read on the changing dynamics on both the job and career fronts over recent days. Planets on both fronts are slowing down but for different reasons and this is what you have an intuitive and subconscious read on. The planets on the job front are preparing to turn direct and come out of hibernation, while those on the career front are slowing down as they prepare to go into hibernation. All this just days before the doors open to new income potential next week.
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